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The day after the last “Dirty Mama” episode aired, there was a wrap party in a certain part of the city and I cheekily came to take part too. It was fun just getting to talk to this person and that person I see on TV. I even got to meet who I’d wanted to, Hashizou (actually twins, Tsubasa-kun and Kei-kun), and poked some cheeks which pleased me.

The photo is a trio shot that will probably never happen again of Hiromi Nagasaku-san who certainly played the “Dirty Mama” role in the drama and Norito Yashima-san who was the detectives’ chief clerk but also appeared in my 15th anniversary commemorative movie “Flarella.” Can you sense the pleasant ambience?
Nagasaku-san was a delicate, cute person in possession of a soft ambience very far off from that of “Dirty.”  By the way, there’s a part of the song lyrics that goes “Chilly chilly rain,” and my manager I. thought that Nagasaku-san’s hairstyle in the show was done as a “chirichiri [frizzy] perm”… that’s thinking too much, haha.
Yashima-san came to me several times for “English-speaking night,” feeling there was some arbitrary connection somehow, but as always that amusing atmosphere and talk created swells of roaring laughter in the venue, haha… I lol’d too.
Since “Tsumetai Ame” was born thanks to this drama, I feel grateful once more for getting this opportunity.
Writing a song on that topic was hard in a fun way. But songwriters get more blessings than they deserve. I’d like to try that again.

On the occasion of a single release this time, I did four in-store live shows; really, how many years had it been? Thank you to everyone who came.
In one place, singing to a rain-focused water theme of nothing but songs related to water.
And in another place, singing a little “A Perfect Sky” about a sky like one the day after it’s rained.
Those around me let me know I’m a clear-weather girl, but since releasing “Tsumetai Ame” it’s been rain no matter where I go for a while now.
It might just be the accidental timing of the pre-spring rains, but you could think of it as a petty praying-for-rain song.
Beaten, struck… rejected, rained on…

Now, tomorrow I’m going to the Imperial Palace!


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Beppu, the city where even hippos go in hot springs.
Since it had been a really long time since I came here to do a live concert, I had just a little bit of time off.
We’re in the second half of the tour now.
It’ll be all done after six more shows.
I gotta enjoy it!!


Original Japanese entry here.
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2012-onward

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In addition to the release of the “ONE” album, I’ve come to visit Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo for the promotional campaign. With the cold I’ve had for a long time finally calming, although a chronic cough still inhabits my bronchial tubes, for the present I don’t have a runny nose. And my feverishness has also disappeared… what a relief.
While saying that, since we need to be careful about the new strains of flu [swine flu], the precautions of a mask and gargling are a must.
Everyone be careful. By the way, while visiting here and there I’d thought for sure masks would be sold out, but Sapporo convenience stores still had some. There when you need it, huh…
I got a lot of energy from being able to be comforted by the TV and radio station mascots I met here and there, eating delicious things, getting recognized instantly by the fans at satellite studios and such, etc.
Thank you very much to everyone who came to visit and meet me.
And, I’m very impressed by your continued support for “ONE.”

Unusually, I’m even listening to it on repeat, lol. Though it’s an album, the reaction I heard while visiting around the nation is that “Mousou Lover,” “Himitsu,” and “Get on the Bus” are popular. But though there are also people who say “Fyewsha Fyewsha Fyewsha,” I wonder if there are also lots of people who’d say for guys it’s “Rock You Till the Dawn”…
My favorite lately is “Play & Pause.”
I’m still waiting to hear your thoughts!

Oh, hey hey hey, do you know about Kyuuton*? [BONNIE PINK]

* A comedy group in Japan.


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I went with JUJU to the Ray-Ban party Chris Peppler-san invited me to. As I’ve been a fan of Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer for a while, using Ray-Ban frames now each time I put on glasses, and yet I didn’t really know much about all that stuff, Chris-san’s invitation was.. right on target! Because I’d been secretly informed that there would be a surprise live where Anna Tsuchiya-chan would perform, I also wanted to come see that. There was a lot of excitement in the guests gathered by Anna-chan’s powerful voice. She looked so cool! The truth is I don’t really like parties (cries) but even so, in a space for rock at the Ebisu Liquid Room getting to see Kanou Shimai and Duke Saraie-san and thinking it would all never end, for all that I’m glad I went.. haha. As a souvenir I got cute stickers and some sunglasses! We were satisfied seeing the live and quickly made our way out and went somewhere else to finally do some serious drinking. I stayed out until dawn with JUJU. She’s also a New York resident, so just talking with her makes you feel like you’re drifting through New York–it’s so strange. It made me want to go to New York again!!

Extra: The sunglasses that have multiplied without my realizing it. Even though of course they might be the Ray-Ban I use every day…


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I came to bother Hirai Ken-chan at his Budoukan live.
‘Am I the kind of stupid person who’s always late?’ I worried upon receiving a text saying ‘Bonnie, hurry up, it’s starting’ just before I got there, but thank god I made it in time. It really was.. just starting. But, not just the start but the whole thing was a wonderful show. Sorry to keep saying again how good his songs are, but they are good.. (I said it anyway). And not just the songs, but Ken-chan can do all kinds of things!
(/ ∇\) Eeee–that’s the kind of show it was. I can’t say any more about how it looked, but I really enjoyed myself. Ken-chan’s backup dancers have up until now been in various places watching him, but this time they were playing the parts of what looked like splattered syrup from a sponge shortcake, completing a “Hirai Ken” tower, with the strawberry and sponge sections propping him up while he was singing–but anyway, it was really a very lovely cake they gave us. Lots of times I was moved to tears… I was tired after the show and the quite refreshing Ken-chan outshone me. I, Kaori K, had come in wearing a pendant, but is that the Ken-chan’s K he became friends with? –is what I was plunged into (haha). Today was wonderful in getting to do all I’d wanted. The truth is Ken-chan debuted in the same year as me–ooooh, and I’m still not there yet! But, I’ll keep going! [BONNIE PINK]


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When the Earth Day Concert at the Budokan ended, for a little while I felt completely exhausted, like a Bonnie Mountain. Thanks to everyone who came out. I became more aware that I should take a bit more of a closer look at my halfhearted eco life.
Today’s pictures are some that were taken in San Francisco. I used to use a Contax T2 for taking pictures, but nowadays it’s been a while… I like feeling like I’m taking them more than they’re being taken.
It’s a place of perpetually-hilly streets, trolleys, and a laid-back atmosphere that makes you feel like you want to draw a picture of it.
Long ago I loved to watch the American TV show “Party of Five” [Japanese title translated: “Under the San Francisco Sky” -trans] so I was thrilled to be truly treading that same ground for the first time. Also, as movies like “Sweet November” and “Serendipity” were also set in that lovely San Francisco scenery, I’d always thought of it as a place I absolutely had to visit someday. It’s also important to leave Tokyo and feel absent-minded and relieved. [BONNIE PINK]


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[bp] 4/17/08 Diary Entry   1 comment

Guess where I am !
I’m in San Francisco for Bandai Namco Game Show !

Everyone, thank you again this year for your warm happy-birthday messages!
I’m spending my birthday week in San Francisco. I’m in America for another 15 days, but lots of people wishing me a happy birthday makes me happy. And I get to continue it for one more day, making 2008’s ‘irregular’ birthday a double one, which makes me happy.
The rays of the sun are really strong here, so although I brought a hat, I bought another one just like it.
Ultraviolet rays are scary, but it’s convenient to be able to walk through the city. At what cost!
But the brightness is bad for me and soon makes my eyes water, so sunglasses are a must.
That’s right, I have to put on sunglasses all the time! Normally I don’t wear them, but as a last resort when I was getting my license, I had to go to an optician to get glasses made, and when they measured me it turns out I’m 0.2 in both eyes… (cries)
The truth is, at lives I can’t see the audience’s faces. And at those times, it’s happened that because someone is waving their hands at me, I think they’re an acquaintance of mine and wave back, but once I get closer I see that they’re a fan. (laughs)

I took a few pictures to show everyone what the scenery is like.

Hey hey, who are you waiting for there? With such a sad face…
It’d be nice if I was the person you’re waiting for. You look so lonely.
It was pretty hard to leave this place.
I hope his owner pets him a lot after this.

Painting on the wall of a school at Haight & Ashbury. So colorful it seemed to really POP!
I felt the freedom you give up and forget about when you grow up.

Aahh! Another waiting one! At dusk… (cries) But since he’s a spoiled one, I’m sure he’ll be fed a lot of tasty food so it’s okay, but how boring, a life of nothing but waiting… “I’ll howl away, to get some meat in me” is what I thought he’d whisper in my ear but since he was making a kind of uneasy facial expression, I reluctantly gave up on coercing him.

This crab making a heart silhouette that cuts into the sky is so cute! Its body being made out of flowers is even cuter. Pier 39 with its row of delicious seafood restaurants and shops is a sightseeing spot along San Francisco Bay.

From the deck looking out of the restaurant window, I thought there were a lot of brown sacks lying around but it was actually a legion of sea lions… (sweatdrop) Sorryyy! They’re a landmark and I didn’t know…

Last night we went out for a birthday dinner (for me) to a seafood restaurant. The people at the restaurant knew it was my birthday so they brought out cheesecake and sang happy birthday to me! I was so happy…
Because the man who was our waiter asked “So, you’re turning 22?” I went ahead and said “You got it!” [BONNIE PINK]


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You doing well? It’s already April. Today’s rainy… ~April Shower~
By the way, a few days ago, I went somewhere in Shibuya to properly go and see the live of a friend, Tomoe Shinohara. There I encountered Miku & Alisa of Ya-Kyim. After she gave a great performance, I couldn’t bring myself to go home as I was so as a way of cooling down, the four of us went to Starbucks for some tea. Tomoe-chan got excited about going to karaoke. Ya-Kyim also had been busy with recording company stuff and hadn’t been doing fun stuff very often, so without even planning it we had a girls night out. I also have a live this month, so I have to work on my physical strength–nooo! Everyone come and see it. [BONNIE PINK]

Bonus: My latest favorite thing, a Banana-san cell phone strap. When I’m tired or not feeling very energetic I look at this strap and I sort of feel like I can keep going. I was shocked to come across it in a Daikanyama thrift store!


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