[tokyo jihen] Kronekodow "Dai-hakken" Interview

Tokyo Jihen’s new album “Dai-hakken [Great Discovery],” finally got released. Here, we’ll show you a “Dai-hakken” interview by all the members. A Great Must-See.

[The Creation of the Title]

“Dai-hakken” is quite the peculiar album title, but to start off tell us about the origin of that.

Shiina Yes. To begin with, when we had come to the studio to do pre-production (* the work of confirming the song composition, arrangement, key, etc before the actual recording) for “Dopamint!” in June of last year, it started during a silly break-time conversation with “Wouldn’t ‘DJ Mother Nature [lit. “great nature”]’ be an artful name?” (laughs). I feel a sense of rivalry that, as I suspected, how you think of the name “Ringo Shiina” is approximately the same as for “Sensha Yoshida”-san* (laughs). So, when we started to wonder if this was going to win out no matter what we did, we got talking like, wouldn’t it be good if we put “great” in there. Frankly, we’d thought we really tried our best with “Sports” and the “Ultra C” tour. For that reason, somewhere we probably had feelings like, for the next album as a reward to ourselves we could even put something like “great.”

Hata With that, we all made various contributions, didn’t we? Great Prairie, Great Plain, so on.

Shiina Coming out with everything all the way ’til things that would overturn what we’d set as our basis, “Great Love” and so on (laughs).

Kameda From there, it became all about, let’s contribute jointly to a title that has “great” in it, forgetting the channel connection once, but Shiina-san was struck by the idea that if it were “Dai-hakken” it would connect to the Discovery Channel.

Shiina I was already holding on to the conviction of “‘Dai-hakken,’ that’s it!” and went home that day in a spirit of satisfaction. After that I started my efforts to instruct or maybe I should say brainwash everyone by writing in a text to the members, “I think ‘Dai-hakken’ is good, but if there’s anything else good, by all means” (laughs).

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[ringo] Dec. 2006 Ringo Group Newsletter

How are all of you members getting along?
We bring you December 2006’s monthly report, Kougyoku [Jonathan apple].

It’s already December. Something that makes us totally driven by feelings that for some reason or another it’s now or never. As Ringo Shiina fans, even more than the sense of urgency that a year is ending, we’re in a mood of, hurry up and come, New Year. Yes. Because early next year, Ringo Shiina’s raging rush of releases is lying in wait. The single, the album, the premiere of the movie “Sakuran [Derangement].” What was hurriedly added to that is the notification the other day from Kihin Kakumei Sokuhou [Noble Visitor Revolution Newsflash*], that “Dai-ikkai Ringo-han Taikai [Very First Ringo Group Convention] – Adults Only” will get DVD format treatment. Made to focus on such topics in this period of time, we can think of it on the contrary as even unkind, but this brilliance is exceptional.

* The Ringo Group members-only bulletin board –trans.

This monthly report, Kougyoku, will of course introduce you once more to information about the above-mentioned releases. A mini-interview with Ringo Shiina, “Hikensha no Heya [Test Subject’s Room],” will also be a part of that same flow. The contents will be about the release rush and the Ringo Group Convention DVD.
They are all very major subjects. We shall display them grandly.
That said, please enjoy the monthly report, Kougyoku.

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[ringo] Oct. 2006 Ringo Group Newsletter

How are all of you members getting along?
We bring you October 2006’s monthly report, Kougyoku [Jonathan apple].

Fall has intensified. With every rainfall, summer continues to get farther away. It’s already become almost a month ago, but with the long-awaited live DVD “Just can’t help it.” going on sale September 6, I think that gratified all of you fans for a short time. So, after that. It’s too bad we are unable to look at the activity from leading Ringo Shiina to Tokyo Jihen at present this fall. However, we will await the certain launching out after remaining in obscurity. For now, for a short time, let’s all wait–we will, too.


There is an interview feature in this month’s monthly report, Kougyoku. The mini-interview with Ms. Ringo is fundamentally the same, but as this time it’s an interview about her fall 2006 state, we tried to ask about a lot of things about what Ms. Ringo’s current status is. We decided to do a special interview with Toshiki Hata too at the same time. For Toshiki Hata, who we believe has been devoted to treatment since confirming a bone fracture, how far has he recovered, and how has he been getting by in life? It’s a valuable interview for both.

That said, please enjoy at your leisure this month’s issue of the monthly report, Kougyoku.

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