[ringo] 丸の内サディスティック(EXPO Ver.) Marunouchi Sadistic (Expo Ver.)

丸の内サディスティック(EXPO Ver.) Marunouchi Sadistic (Expo Ver.)

Translator: Sarah/frecklegirl

Do not copy and repost anywhere.


Do not copy and repost anywhere.

Song info: Ukigumo of Tokyo Jihen was in charge of the arrangement and chorus of this rearrangement of the original song. Most of the lyrics were changed to English.
Notes: [1] Rickenbacker 620 – her famous guitar, also known for being a favorite brand of the Beatles
[2] Marshall – brand of her amplifier
[3] Rat – her PROCO brand distortion pedal. Her ’zine “RAT” is also named after this
[4] Ginza, Korakuen – stops on the Marunouchi subway line in Tokyo. Korakuen has a lot of tax offices.
[5] Gretsch – Kenichi Asai (see #7)’s guitar. Kurt is Kurt Cobain.
[6] pizaya no kanojo/pizza place girl – refers to a line in Blankey Jet City’s song “Pink no Wakai Buta [The Young Pink Pig]” which mentions a “pizaya no kanojo” (pizza place girl). Ringo also worked part-time at a pizza place in junior and senior high school in Fukuoka
[7] Benzie (pronounced “Benji”) is the nickname of one of her idols, Kenichi Asai (of Blankey Jet City, Sherbets, and Ajico)