[ringo] Color Bars

Color Bars

  1. 今夜はから騒ぎ Konya wa Karasawagi / Much Ado About Nothing Tonight
  2. 怪ホラーダスト Kai-horrordust / Mysterious Horror Dust
  3. タイムカプセル Time Capsule
  4. sa_i_ta / It Bloomed
  5. ほんとのところ Honto no Tokoro / In Actuality

Info: The title refers to the television test pattern (in other words, no programming/off the air; this was Tokyo Jihen’s last album and first mini-album). Each of the five members contributed one song, lyrics and music.

Officially translated interview and liner notes.

[ringo] 今夜はから騒ぎ Konya wa Karasawagi

今夜はから騒ぎ Konya wa Karasawagi / Much Ado About Nothing Tonight

Translator: Sarah/frecklegirl

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Translation notes: [1] The Akasaka Prince Hotel (renamed The Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka in 2007) began life in 1930 as the Kitashirakawa Palace, built to be the residence of Yi Un, the last crown prince of Korea. Its location is the Kioichō neighborhood of Tokyo, which took its name from three feudal-era clans with homes there; one home became the site for the palace and later the hotel. It opened as a hotel in 1955 and the modern tower next to the original palace was built in 1982. It was often used by Japanese politicians for meetings and press conferences because it was close to the National Diet buildings. It closed for demolition in March 2011, but after the Great East Japan Earthquake, it housed evacuees from Fukushima prefecture until June 2011.
[2] Tameike-Sannō is a Tokyo subway station, a little over half a mile away from the hotel above, and its Exit 8 deposits passengers so close to the National Diet buildings that policemen heavily patrol the exit, as seen in this photo. Toshiba EMI (Ringo’s record label) used to be located in that area as
well (the song named “Karisome Otome (Tameikesannoh ver.)” was a reference to that).

[ringo] 大発見 Dai-hakken

大発見 Dai-hakken / Great Discovery


  1. 天国へようこそ For The Disc Tengoku e Youkoso For The Disc / Welcome to Heaven For The Disc
  2. 絶対値対相対値 Zettaichi tai Soutaichi / Absolute Value vs. Relative Value
  3. 新しい文明開化 Atarashii Bunmei-kaika / New Westernization
  4. 電気のない都市 Denki no Nai Machi / City Without Electricity
  5. 海底に巣くう男 Kaitei ni Sukuu Otoko / The Man Who Haunts the Bottom of the Sea
  6. 禁じられた遊び Kinjirareta Asobi / Forbidden Games
  7. ドーパミント! BPM103 Dopamint! BPM103
  8. 恐るべき大人達 Osorubeki Otona-tachi / Les Adultes Terribles
  9. 21世紀宇宙の子 21(nijuu-is)seiki Uchuu no Ko / Child of the 21st Century Universe
  10. かつては男と女 Katsute wa Otoko to Onna / Formerly Man and Woman
  11. 空が鳴っている Sora ga Natteiru / The Sky Is Rumbling
  12. 風に肖って行け Kaze ni Ayakatte Ike / Go and Share the Wind’s Good Luck
  13. 女の子は誰でも Onna no Ko wa Daredemo / Any Girl
    b.t. 天国へようこそ For The Tube Tengoku e Youkoso For The Tube / Welcome to Heaven For The Tube

Album info: This is the fifth of Tokyo Jihen’s television-themed albums (Education, Adult, Variety, Sports, and now Discovery [Channel] television). The opposing tracks also lack symmetry, a rarity. The first-press bonus was a cardboard slipcover.

As with before, Ringo created her own translations of the tracklist, which as usual are not perfect/accurate translations but rather more artistic. The list is as follows:

1. Where’s Heaven For The Disc
2. Relative vs. Absolute
3. Brand New Civilization
4. City Without Electricity
5. Regardez Moi
6. Jeux Interdits
7. Dopa-Mint! BPM103
8. Les Adultes Terribles
9. Child Of The 21st Century Universe
10. Un Homme Et Une Femme
11. The Reverberation
12. Go With The Wind
13. Fly Me To Heaven
b.t. Where’s Heaven For The Tube

[ringo] 恐るべき大人達 Osorubeki Otona-tachi

恐るべき大人達 Osorubeki Otona-tachi / Les Adultes Terribles

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You roam the city free, with a bigger dream

You keep on drifting through, seeking something new

I’m here

You want what’s brighter than the summer sky
Whiter than moonlight on a winter’s night
Deeper than the deep sea,
so what if wishes came true for you?

Adam and Eve would toss the apple away,
the Earth would turn the other way
You’d live up far on some barren star,
but down below you might hear us laughing
I’ll give you all you’re wanting so bad,
hold out your hands,
whisper a prayer
Can you feel forever and ever?

Rejoice, be glad. Rejoice and be glad.

Wanting to come down, you’re not finding ground

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Info: The title of the song refers to the 1929 French novel Les enfants terribles, known in Japanese as 恐るべき子供たち (Osorubeki Kodomo-tachi) and in English as The Holy Terrors, though both the original French and Japanese translation literally mean “terrible children.” The novel title refers to the French expression enfant terrible, also used in English as is. In the case of this song, “adult” has been substituted for “child” in the title.