[maaya] シンガーソングライター Singer-songwriter

シンガーソングライター Singer-songwriter


  1. 遠く Tooku / Far
  2. サンシャイン Sunshine
  3. everywhere~HAL mix
  4. ニコラ Nicola
  5. Ask.
  6. なりたい Naritai / I Want To Be
  7. カミナリ Kaminari / Thunder
  8. 誓い~ssw edition Chikai / Vows
  9. 僕の半分 Boku no Hanbun / Half of Me
  10. シンガーソングライター Singer-songwriter

Info: The first album with all the music and lyrics written by Maaya, hence the title.

[maaya] サンシャイン Sunshine

サンシャイン Sunshine

Translator: Sarah/frecklegirl

Do not copy and repost anywhere.


Do not copy and repost anywhere.

Info: Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo. In Japan and Tokyo especially, crêpes (made to be carried, not eaten from a plate) are an extremely common street food, and popular among young people/teenagers.