Bonnie Pink

Welcome to the new (c. 10/2012) home for my translations of Japanese music artist Bonnie Pink’s lyrics and diary entries. Only translations are provided, no Japanese kanji or romaji lyrics. To discourage theft and re-posting elsewhere, which is not desired, the translations are posted in image form.

Please use the Bonnie Pink category tag to navigate. On the left sidebar of the main page, under her category, you’ll find a list of tags with names of singles and albums. Please navigate from the left sidebar of the main page and click on single/album titles in order to search more specifically. You may also view all lyric translations or view only diary entry translations.

I do not accept submissions and I only post my own work here. Everything will eventually be updated so that all of her songs are up.

If you are a BP fan, please consider posting on the Bonnie Pink JpopCentral thread.

Please enjoy and respect the rules!

4 thoughts on “Bonnie Pink

  1. looking forward to the day all of her lyrics that were so beautifully translated by you will be up here again

    until then I can only do my best studying Japanese so maybe one day I can understand her lyrics just as good as you do

    still, as always – thank you for your kind work!

  2. Hm… I’m kinda lost in this new website… I prefer the old way to find lyrics from Bonnie Pink.
    Thanks for the translations anyways 🙂

    1. I requested no complaints as they are not helpful in any way, and I have many reasons why the move had to happen, so it is obvious you did not read any of that.

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