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If you are a first-time visitor to Nostalgic Lavender, welcome! This is a home for the English translations of the lyrics of three Japanese music artists. You can call me Sarah, Séri, or frecklegirl, and I am the sole primary translator here. I’m an American and I live in Tokyo, Japan, working as a mobile game translator, proofreader, and associate producer/planner. I’ve been studying Japanese since 2004 and I have JLPT N1 certification. I’ve been translating as a hobby since 2005 or so and professionally since 2012 (full-time since 2014).

Please note this one very important thing:

  • I do not want my translations taken from here and reposted elsewhere, especially not without my knowledge or credit

Lyrics are posted as images because of an issue I’d noticed that was bothering me a lot: how I’d come across my lyrics and translations on lyric aggregator sites, or copied and pasted elsewhere without notifying me. Most was completely missing credit. There was one J-pop lyrics database site where I found a lot, and I found many on lyricwiki as well. Regardless of what you might think about how things work on the internet, translations–like any other creative product–are not in the public domain, they are the result of someone’s hard work and time and deserve respect.


This is my hobby and it comes second to my work that pays me actual money, so there may be hiatuses where I don’t post anything for a while. But I always have this site in the back of my mind and try to make updates when I can. Thank you for understanding!! I really am glad you came and appreciate all my loyal visitors so much. I hope the site can be helpful to you in some way.

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  1. hello there. kinda surprised to see you moving to a new blog.. I am kinda used to the previous site so it surprised me to see this whole new layout hehe but given the circumstances, I hope moving here will give you more benefits.

    By the way, I would like to say hello and.. sorry. So, what happens is something like this.

    I have always searched for Tokyo Jihen and Shiina Ringo’s song lyrics translation here in your website. to me, seeing a site dedicated to them is very nice and being able to understand their songs is such a happiness. so reading the content of your site has been a pleasure to me, thank you for your hardwork.

    But back then, I didn’t read your rules carefully and I reposted your lyrics on my tumblr. I’d like to provide you with the link but currently tumblr is down so I cannot post it now.. my tumblr goes by the name erhyme.tumblr.com. There, I posted a–if not some of your translations (I’m sorry I cannot remember exactly which did I take out, but they are most definitely Tokyo Jihen lyrics). I wrote credits to you there, but I didn’t realize that you do not want your works to be posted anywhere in any form. Reading your notice here, I realized that I did wrong, and I am terribly sorry for that… I will immediately delete my posts containing your works as soon as possible. Once again, really, I am terribly sorry for being so careless. I really appreciate your hard work so please.. forgive me and don’t be disheartened.. really, sorry and thank you.

    I hope, you will understand and forgive me. Sorry 😦

  2. I don’t understand very much this romaji situation, given the fact that in my humble opinion were a fundamental part of the site; not to mention that I think the original lyrics, over all the japanese ones were more important than a translation without no lyrics to confront to. However if this is the way you wanna do your site, go for it, but you have surely lost a bunch of people who needed the japanese lyrics and the romaji most than the translations, which yeah, you can find elsewhere but at least in here it was complete. I understand that could be a pain in the ass translate to romaji all the songs and post them as images, but people can always just write your translations copying from the images so…Thanks for the work you’ve done so far but I think your previous site was useful, I used to look to it many times everyday, but now, I don’t think it is useful as before. Good luck.

    • (shrugs) I’m sorry, but this is about my personal time and effort, not about how useful it is to you or anyone else. No one is paying me to do this, so I am under no obligation to make it “useful” to anyone else who “needs” this or that. When you say “needs” and then mention how people can copy from images (which, sure they can, but who’s going to do that for a whole album? I’m sure if someone tried doing it for one song, they would find it so exhausting that they wouldn’t want to continue on, much less do a whole album, then two albums, and so on. I think you need to understand that I have to do SOMETHING to make it harder for thieves; just because no method is foolproof is no reason to make it as easy for them as possible), that makes me think you were coming to my site to “get” something (and maybe re-post it elsewhere?), which is not the point at all. It’s about what personally fulfills me, and if other people benefit too, then that’s great. But I don’t serve anyone else. This isn’t a service.

      Like I said, if you’d like to pay me something, then we can talk. Until then, my decision stands, and I really don’t care if this decreases the “usefulness” or if it loses me visitors. I don’t care about that sort of thing at all. Thanks for the sarcastic “Good luck,” but I don’t need it because this isn’t a venture that could succeed or fail from here on out. Whether visitors come or not, I’ll keep posting.

  3. Hello. Greetings from Germany. I’m Paul. 🙂

    I was a bit shocked when I got here and not to the site I used to know. I came to the site to look for Shiina Ringo and Tokyo Jihen lyrics. I looked for romaji and translations. Your site was the only site I could find which had all of their songs translated. Your site was easy to use. It didn’t take long to look up some lyrics. I once read what you wrote about yourself on that site. That personal touch your site got with that made me sure your lyrics are accurate. I need a translator I can trust. Someone could show me some random kanji and tell me it means noodlesoup and I’d have to believe it because I don’t know better(and I don’t trust google translator).
    And in the sentence before there was that awful word… “need”. Theres the point I can really understand your decision to destroy that site to build it new. Build it safe. It seems everyone in the internet thinks internet is a synonym for communism. They take what they need, do with it what they want and they don’t to care for the producer. And then they feel like Robin Hood.
    It’s a shame you had to go this far in the fight for your rights. But I am glad that you don’t stop. I think it’s a clever idea to post these lyrics as images, and not as texts.(Other sites somehow forbid to copy-paste, but you can still copy-paste from the source of these sites. Why they never had this great idea?^^)
    It’s great you do what you want, and not what other people expect you to do. No one should work for other peoples needs for free.

    I wish you the best and good luck for the new site. I hope you will finally be happy. 😀

    P.S.: I am learning japanese at the moment. I already understand very few things when I am listening to Shiina Ringo. I came here to look for “Mayonaka wa Junketsu” lyrics(which are not uploaded yet on the new site). At the end she repeats “Anata ga i(?)”. I am not sure about the last word. I know “Anata ga”, what does “i” mean? Is this even “i” or am I mishearing something? It made me really curious. If you want to, you could help me with this one. If you don’t want to, feel free to ignore it.

    P.P.S.: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

    • Hello!! Thank you for your kind words! I was afraid you were going to follow up what you said with “…and now you’ve made it worse and don’t have what I want anymore!!” so I’m glad you respect my decision instead. 🙂 I want to get all the translations back up again, but yeah, I want them to be quality, so it won’t happen overnight. I’m going to work hard on it though!

      I haven’t translated Mayonaka yet, but I’m pretty sure in this context “anata ga ii” means “You’re good” or “You’ll do” (as in, “I’m fine with it being you”). Hope that helps!!

  4. Hi there!

    I guess I was kinda like everybody, getting surprise about you moving to a blog. I visited your page quite often in the past (when I was listening Tokyo Jihen a lot) and I liked your site for being simple and really useful. Made me build a trust about it, just like Paul said.
    I understand and really respect you attitude and I’m grateful that you are going to keep it up in the blog.

    Keep it up and I hope the best 🙂

    • Thank you!!!! I appreciate the support and understanding. The decision surprised me too, but once I thought of it, it made more and more sense, and I had to do it!

  5. Wow, i’m sorry i posted a comment a few minutes ago…and no, i didn’t know your personal issues… thank you so much, it was because of you that I started understanding shiina ringo’s lyrics…and the romanji was greatly appreciated.

    you are right to do as you please with the site.

    i’ll keep visiting!!

    again thank you!

    • Thank you so much, I appreciate the support! I know it can seem like a confusing change at first, but it’s actually easier to find things now with the search function, and you can look at all the translations from an album, single, etc at once now. Once you get used to the new tag system, I think you’ll like it just as much!

      It sounds like a lot of people will miss the romaji, and I wish I could still provide it, but it’s just too much time and effort for something that’s not the focus of what I do.

      • Is there any way you can have a text doc for fans to download the romaji lyrics of stuff you have previously done? surely you haven’t tossed all that hard work away without backing it up?

        as much as i loved the old site version i will do my best to support the new site. best of luck and be well. ❤

        • Hmm. Well, first of all, uploading that text doc would involve an extra step for me and create more work–the main reason I eliminated romaji was so it would be less work and time for me overall and the site would be easier to maintain.

          Second, how would I know people wouldn’t take the romaji and upload it straight to a lyrics aggregator site or lyric wiki? Whether with credit or not, that’s not something I want done. Maybe most people wouldn’t do that and would just keep it for personal use, but I can’t trust that. Based on past experience I have to assume the worst would happen. So, I think it’s just too risky, and too time-consuming for me. I’m sorry.

          But yes, I still have all the romaji I’ve made backed up.

  6. this BONNIE PINK fan is profoundly sad

    I used to come to your site almost daily because reading BONNIE’s words makes me feel better when I’m feeling down

    BONNIE PINK cheers me up

    plus it has been helping me in my Japanese learning endeavor

    thank you

    and if possible

    bring all of BONNIE PINK translated lyrics back

    I am very thankful for your kind work, it surely has been reached me


    • Oh, that’s so wonderful to hear!! I will try and bring them back as soon as I can. I’m working on her latest album lyrics now!!

  7. I’ve met Rie fu personally, and have a friend who worked with her – your assessment of her is pretty much correct from what I’ve experienced and been told. She is not a pleasant person, as well as being extremely demanding and diva-like when it comes to her work.

    • Haha!! I really threw that assessment together from a lot of random little things and had no idea if it was actually correct, so it’s really great to know that it is. Thank you!

    • you’ve met Rie Fu?Could you describe more about her?

  8. I’m sorry to hear about this and I really appreciate all your hard work and
    dedication but I have to say this….Reading you judge Chihiro Onitsuka because she is
    mentally ill and have been abused isn’t right. I don’t mean to offend you but that’s just wrong…
    She’s not evil, she’s not the one to blame for those, it’s not her fault. Sure she can work to solve
    those issues but you can’t just swing a magic wand and then everything is ok. She may not ever be like “a normal person”. Plus you can’t possibly know if she is trying to solve those problems of hers or not. You can say you see her only getting worse and so on but that doesn’t mean anything. You should remember that behind all that, she is still Chihiro; a talented, kind and sweet person. Abandoning someone based on mental problems is as ugly as saying you don’t like a person because she’s in a wheelchair and can’t stand it because that person doesn’t do anything to walk again.

    Chihiro is dear to me and reminds me of my very close friend who is also often misunderstood
    because she has had a rough life that has caused her scars. So I hope you understand why I just
    had to say this and that I’m not attacking you. You definitely should use your own time and effort
    the way you want and if Chihiro’s music isn’t your thing anymore that’s fine but I hope that you’d at least try to understand Chihiro and not judge her like that.

    Anyway, I want to thank you for all your hard work and wish you good luck.

    • My point here is “not [appearing to be] doing the work she needs to take care of these issues.” I’m someone who has struggled with mental issues myself, and been on antidepressants and to therapy, so this is not a world I’m judging smugly from outside it. I’ve been on the inside, and from what I can tell, because her issues persist, she’s not doing what she needs to work on them. She’s just sort of living her life, hoping they will get better on their own, but they’re not going to. Exactly, you can’t swing a magic wand and they’ll get better–but that seems to be her attitude, because they keep repeating and repeating with no change or improvement.

      I don’t judge her, I never ever said she was evil. I also never said I was abandoning her, I said she just wasn’t a priority for now but will probably be back someday. I wish her well, but I don’t like the impression I get from how these things seem to be keep happening with her. After a while, the person him/herself needs to take action and actively work or they lose my pity. I don’t see that with her. Infinite patience and sympathy is great, but it doesn’t compel anyone to work and change.

      • I think you are like me that you see artists and their music as a package and not as two separate things so I understand that if the person isn’t someone you can respect/like it can really put a bitter taste in the music too. So I kind of understand you but I still don’t think Chihiro’s illness has anything to do with who she really is and therefore she doesn’t deserve people looking down on her. I would understand you better if Chihiro was somehow a bad tempered person (like what you said of Rie Fu) or lost her talent.

        You are right, people need to work to become better, pity and sympathy doesn’t really do anything but for fans that is the only thing to do. We can’t push her to try harder, it’s not in our hands. Also our sympathy doesn’t do any harm or help in any way. It’s the people around her who should really be thinking about these things and herself the most.

        Anyway, like I said, you decide how you spend your time and my weird ramblings here are really just my ramblings so….But I do hope to see those translations here someday (at least the old stuff if her new stuff isn’t your thing) since yours are by far the best ones I’ve read…but I’m not being too hopeful, lol. Well at least it gives me more motivation to go and learn Japanese myself. ^ ^ So thank you again and apologies if my comments have seemed rude.

        BTW, have you ever considered translating Rurutia’s lyrics? I’m not trying to harden your already heavy workload just throwing it out there, lol.

  9. Ha! This confirmation of Rie fu’s personality has slightly sullied her image for me… Ah well :/ And though your translations of her songs no longer exist, they were very helpful – they helped me greatly with my Japanese learning. I can see how much dedication all of your work must have taken.

    Thank you for all of your efforts!

  10. i used to come to your site all the time for shakira lyrics. i’d literally spend so long reading them and you had all of them in an organized manner and it was awesome. i’m just a huge fan of her (isn’t everyone deep down?) and if you could just put a tiny little link in the corner to her lyrics just for me, that would be great. anyways, i’d like to add that i appreciate the work you do in translating!

    • Hey! That’s so great to hear, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy as to just link to them–I have to put them up one by one, and in images so they can’t be stolen, and that takes time. They’ll be back someday most likely, but I’m really sorry, you’ll be waiting a while! I am really sorry!

  11. Hi.

    Have you any idea as to when (this year, next) Ringo’s solo albums will be up? I always took your site for granted when I wanted to check the lyrics but now it’s gone. ;_;

  12. I’ve been visiting your site for translations for many, many years, and while I was surprised by the new website, I love it! Thank you for everything that you do and all the work you’ve put into your translations. I appreciate them to no end, truly.

  13. Hello, congratulations on the move!

    I was wondering if you could repost Tokyo Jihen’s “Rakujitsu”, please and thank you. I like your translations best.

    • Thank you, but it’s not a matter of simply reposting. That’s an old translation, so it needs to be revised, and then I have to make an image. I’m working on getting all of Maaya Sakamoto’s section back up first, then I will get to Ringo, but I’ll be working in chronological order from her debut forwards so it will take a little bit to get back to that single. It’s not going to be back up for a while.

      It’s not really viable to make requests and ask me to put this up, put that up. I’ll get to everything in time, but in my order and on my schedule.

  14. Hello!

    I am a fan of Rie fu. I really appreciated the efforts you put in. How I miss your previous website!

    Anyway, I have read through this notice. I am so sorry to hear about how her personal qualities disappoints you. I don’t know much about her personally but I still like her.

    Therefore I may not visit your new site anymore. But I still support what you are doing. Keep it up! 😀

    Lastly, thank you so much for the previous websites especially the parts of Rie fu which really helped me understand what the lyrics are talking about. Thank you indeed!


  15. i’m happy to see you’re still around! :3 i’ve sat around listening to my albums & reading your translations so i’m glad to see you haven’t disappeared. keep on cos i’ll keep coming back! ❤

  16. Oh… I just wish the section of Ringo Expo 08 could be restored… I miss that so much. There was no site/blog that had that many data of my fav singer 😀
    Keep up with the good work!! Gambate! 😀

  17. Four things:
    1. I’ve been a fan of your site for years, and I appreciate the effort you put into Ringo Shiina’s works! Thanks! 😀

    2. I feel your pain. I know how much of a sacrifice running a website can be (it can be a killjoy at times, too), and how frustrating/expensive it can be to pay for it all out of pocket. I also ran into plagiarism issues before, too.

    3. Have you considered doing a full-fledged, translation/romanization-for-hire format? My friend Kiwi Musume has done this for years and it’s been really successful for her. You might get more clients than you think. (Especially since Kiwi Musume and another translator, Megchan, get a lot of requests and have a nice queue to work with…so you might get some of those “missed opportunities” if you did it too.)

    4. Do you want to stay on WordPress or would you like to move onto another site? I’ve been thinking about having a “lyric network” (as I have a lyric site too), and having another site on board would be kinda nice. (^^) You wouldn’t have to confirm to my layout or anything; you’d get your own space and whatnot. Just a thought.

    • 1. You’re welcome!!
      2. Thaaank youuuu. It’s really good to get some sympathy, not a whiny complaint.
      3. No, I didn’t really even know that would be possible! Could you tell me more?? Email saerigraphie @ gmail
      4. WordPress is free, so that’s why I’m here… I’m not opposed to the idea but it might mean more work for me in getting all the pages back up again, and I’m not sure I want to sign up for that! But, let’s discuss it more over email! 😀

  18. Hi there (^,^)/ Greetings from Indonesia.
    I’ve been quietly visiting your website all of the time..
    I always find them the most useful, helped me a lot figured stuff in Japanese. I could never find anything more clearer than the way you explain things!
    Eventually, i decided to take Japanese Class as well since beginning of this year, with the hope that someday I can do something like this, contribute useful stuff and knowledge to people.

    Again, thanks for your amazing work. Very inspiring, indeed.


  19. Ok, wow that was a very nice explanation. I had no idea this site has been through that much!
    Firstly, I want to apologize for the couple of tweets I sent you this week. The new layout freaked me out and frankly I didn’t read all this because I didn’t see the anouncement. Now everything’s clear 🙂
    I have to say I love your work, and as I told you on Twitter I’ve been following this site for a couple of years now. I started looking for Maaya Sakamoto lyrics, always checking for updates to really understand what those songs are about.
    I really appreciate all your efforts and will keep tuned in the future. Please don’t take this like a whiny complaint but like a “Your work is awesome! Keep it going as you can!” Seems like we have very similar musical taste, it’s also good to know there’s people out there you can share that with 😀

  20. I’m so upset ’cause Rie Fu’s section’s deleted,and I can never find such a complete translation about Rie Fu.I don’t know how to persuade you to continue it,but I really hope you can start it again.Everyone gotta stand in the cross of his life,after this ,they can just find real themselves.now Rie is in the same.as her fans-now or ever,maybe we should stand behind her to support her.but what to do is your right…If you can take it I’ll be very glad!

  21. Hi! I’ve been a huge fan if Ringo and her endeavors, especially Tokyo Jihen. I have to, from one who does not know Japanese and stopped trying to learn your website has been amazing. Its great to be able to know what one of my favorite band/singer is singing about and her lyrics confirm why I like her. Thank you for taking time out of your life to do this. I’m also sorry for the loss of your friend. I recently lost my uncle so I can sympathize. Thanks again for your time!

  22. Did you purposefully exclude your website from the Wayback Machine?

    • I did! Because of the theft risk and because I planned to replace a lot of old stuff with newer, better versions I made myself, I just couldn’t allow everything to stay up.

  23. Found you! Found you! My God! I finally found you again. I used to print lyrics and translation from the ‘old lavender’ (around 2005-2006) and read it on the way home from work or anywhere. So glad to see you’re back (yeah i know i’m late to discover this). I’m also glad you keep the Shiina Ringo, Bonnie Pink and Maaya Sakamoto stuff (never a big fan of Rie Fu, Onitsuka and Shakira XD ). Anyway, i never had the chance to say thank you, i was too shy and all i guess, but there i said it. Thank you! Thank you for all the hard work and sacrifices. They meant a lot to me back then (and will be again since now, i guess 🙂 )

    • Ahhhhhhh!!! This is THE sweetest comment!! I have come to dread comments on this post so this was absolutely wonderful! Wow, you even printed them… that’s crazy!! Hmm, these are probably much less printable… sorry it has to be that way. :/ But thank you so much for the lovely lovely comment!!!!

  24. I’m just glad you kept the “Shiina Ringo” section. Your translations of her songs were pretty much the best I could ever find on the Internet, and thanks to them I can relate to her beautiful songs and appreciate what a great artist she is (I really like Shiina Ringo!). If it weren’t for them, I probably would lose a lot. So thank you very much for all your work and dedication, it must have been quite demanding many times. I feel very sorry for your friend.
    And I support your decision of publishing all your translations as images – I’m a translator myself and I’m always afraid of people stealing my work without ever considering the time and effort it took to be made. Anyway, thanks again for keeping the site open, and good luck! =)

    • You are so welcome! I love her too, obviously. 🙂 I’m about to start posting more Ringo translations, so look forward to it! And I’m glad you support my decision. Fellow translators unite. 🙂

  25. Ah! I was sad when I saw nostalgic lavender was gone, but I’m glad I’ve found you again. I was looking for a translation for “浴室” (because the ringo expo performance had me wondering what it was about), I’m a little sad to see the Rie Fu and especially the Chihiro Onitsuka sections gone, but whatever. Nice to have you back!

  26. You used to have Shakira lyrics/translations too, right? What happened to them? 😦

    • edit, just saw your mention of her. I’m sad to hear they might not come back! I loved your translations of her songs!

  27. I would be rather sad if the Onitsuka Chihiro section never returns. She’s one of my favorite artists with her haunting voice and the sheer depth of her music. Although, I can understand why she’s frustrating to you as of late. I found her releases quite bothersome myself, but I find listening to her previous work able to fill the void. Your site is the only one I know of that has her entire discography translated, as many people have either never heard of her or dislike her for various reasons (I’ve even found some who found her voice creepy!), so it would be a shame if it never returns, but if that’s so, I must thank you for all of the hard work you had done up until this point.

  28. Just wanted to say I greatly admire how you stand up for yourself. I find it a bit appalling that some of the comments are so demanding and diva like, considering you are doing all of this for free and it’s quite time consuming. Surely, if people need the lyrics that bad, they can either a) hire a translator or b) learn the language themselves. I think if they tried translating themselves, they’d realize it’s not as easy as it seems. Especially Shiina Ringo’s lyrics, which can be cryptic and use strange kanji (I guess this mainly applies for KSK).

    Anyways, I’ve been following your site for about 4 years now and I really appreciate your work. I’m really lucky because my two favorite artists (Shiina and Maaya) you still are huge fans of, but even if you weren’t, I’d completely understand taking them down. Whatever you do with your site, you have my support!

  29. Well, I’m glad you’re still around. I was starting to get scared when I saw the new layout.

    I do miss it, though, the old layout. I had all of Bonnie and Shiina’s copied on my computer but it crashed and I lost it all. It would’ve been a tragedy if there was no hope for the future. It was such a fantastic stroke of luck the first time I found this site, almost too good to be true, so at first I didn’t think it was.

    Anyway, thanks for this, it’s invaluable, it’s not something you can justify rationally, it’s song lyrics, but without it it just wouldn’t be the same. Thanks for the hard work.

    • Thank you!! I miss the old layout too, but oh well.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, they are very encouraging!!!

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