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日出処 Hi-izuru-tokoro / Where The Sun Rises 2014.11.05

  1. 静かなる逆襲 Shizuka-naru Gyakushuu / Silent Counterattack
  2. 自由へ道連れ Jiyuu e Michidzure / Fellow Travelers Towards Freedom
  3. 走れゎナンバー Hashire Wa-Number / Go, Rental Car
  4. 赤道を越えたら Sekidou o Koetara / When You Cross the Equator
  5. JL005便で JL005-bin de / On Flight JAL 5
  6. ちちんぷいぷい Chichin Puipui / Bibbity Bobbity Boo
  7. 今 Ima / The Present
  8. いろはにほへと Iro wa Nioedo [Irohanihoheto] / Though the bright colors may be fragrant
  9. ありきたりな女 Arikitari na Onna / An Ordinary Woman
  10. カーネーション Carnation
  11. 孤独のあかつき(信猫版) Kodoku no Akatsuki (Nobu Neko-ban) / In the Event of Loneliness (Nobu/Neko Ver.)
  12. Nippon / Japan
  13. ありあまる富 Ariamaru Tomi / Superfluous Wealth

Ringo created her own translations of the tracklist, which again are not perfect/accurate translations. The list is as follows:

1. Quiet Counterattack
2. Collateral Damage
3. To the sea of trees
4. Cruzar a linha do equador
5. Flight JL005
6. Manipulate the time
7. Présent
8. Les couleurs chantent
9. Une femme ordinaire
10. L’oeillet
11. La Solitude de l’aube
13. The Invaluable


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