[ringo] 孤独のあかつき(信猫版) Kodoku no Akatsuki (Nobu Neko-ban)   Leave a comment

孤独のあかつき(信猫版) Kodoku no Akatsuki (Nobu Neko-ban) / In the Event of Loneliness (Nobu/Neko Ver.)

Do not copy and repost anywhere.

You, hey close your open eyes
cover up your ears inside
the silent signs
of darkness will arise
and you will start to hear
breathing in your own free air
and hear the pulsing pounding in your heart
And if you’ve caught yourself
Won’t you let it go now

Run and see
the world is way too big to hesitate
Hold it tight
your life is way too short to waste away
Tears will fall
but dreams and love are waiting where they drop
You will find
A wider world is waiting here for you

Hey, don’t turn the other way
cover up your lonely pain
The hurt you feel
Don’t lock it in your heart
And if it hurts your eyes
And if it tries your mind
And if you find you’re losing all control
The wind will blow it through
Won’t you let it go now

Here and gone
And all that we receive will pass away
Come and go
And all we are made of is made this way
Let it out
Something held inside may be breaking through
Scream it out
You can scream it out cause you’re beautiful

Morning sun is in your brown eyes
water glimmering spring grasses, green fields
Flowers bloom and scatter round you
night bird calling clear waking the moonlight

Tears will rise
and fall into the pain of a caring heart
Sadness hurts
so turn yourself and look up to the stars
Close your eyes
tonight the light is blinding in the dark
You will see
us walk into the breaking dawn of day

Do not copy and repost anywhere.

Song info: English version of Kodoku no Akatsuki.

“Nobu/Neko version” refers to the fact that Nobuhiko Nakayama was in charge of programming and Neko Saitou was the conductor, violinist, and in charge of the string arrangement.


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