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The Day of ‘I Want To Be’

On the album “Singer-songwriter,” released around this time last year, there’s a song called “Naritai [I Want To Be]” that I wrote on the theme of birthdays. I’m happy there are so many people who said they like this song. On your birthday, you measure how far you’ve come with your very own measure that no one else knows. It’s the best day to confirm how you’ve spent the past year and what you should do in the coming year.

Lately I’ve spent my birthday holding a live concert, but this year it’ll be while performing a musical in Fukuoka. I’ll still be onstage, but being myself at my own show and being Jerusha are pretty completely different. Maybe because of that, this year I’ve almost completely forgotten that my birthday is coming up, but actually I’m turning 34 soon.

That said, this is becoming customary, but here is my suggestion.

I’m grateful but also ashamed to get lots of presents around this time. My heart is overflowing with “gifts” from everyone on all days, not just my birthday, because you habitually purchase my products and cheer me on. Yet because there are people who say “But I want to celebrate you!” even if I say “I don’t need a thing,” allow me to suggest, as I have for many years, a different way.

For a limited time from my birthday of March 31 to a month later, we will be selling 2014’s birthday desktop wallpaper (1 download is 500 yen).
[links omitted -Trans.]
All of the proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

I will consider every click of a download as a “Happy birthday” message to me from everyone, and have created the wallpaper to say “Thank you” as a modest return gift. Then our happy back-and-forth will be connected to someone else’s happiness in a different place.

By the way, the wallpaper design is in the same vein as the cover to “Daily Maaya Sakamoto – 0331,” so it’s like everyone who downloads it every year can add to their collection of that legendary magazine “0331,” only published on my birthday every year. Please be sure to check it out.

Jerusha says that instead of forever worrying about the past and getting blindly anxious about the future, you should take extra care to savor and live in the moment. Every time I sing those lines I ponder how true that is, but it’s quite a difficult thing to do, and I often get caught up in the past and future. But we can’t be perfect 365 days a year. Jerusha herself isn’t right all the time; she sometimes makes mistakes, says too much, and gets down. But that imperfection is part of her charm. Because she learns from her hurt feelings and failures and endeavors to overcome them.

To spend my birthday this year not as myself but as that wonderful Jerusha seems like it will make a special, somewhat unique memory.



Original Japanese entry here (under ‘the id’ dropdown list, Back Number ‘2014.03’).
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2014-onward


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