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“And so 2013 has begun.”

Well. Where should I start.
It’s been a month since the year began, but it’s been a month with as much volume as if a whole year had passed. A New Year’s Eve live concert, a musical, work on my album, and so on and so forth…

First there’s the “Mitsubachi” tour, which began in November of last year and finished successfully after 15 total shows. To everyone who welcomed me so warmly in each and every place, thank you so very much. I was so happy you came out in the midst of the end-of-year busyness and the cold. A tour based around “Singles Collection+ Mitsubachi” means that I am left with the impression of very flashy shows, as the set list naturally focused on songs from singles.
The final show was my very first countdown. I feel so, so, so, sooo grateful to think that so many people would show up who wanted to spend that important moment when one year ends and another begins at my show! I sang aware that I wanted to have a New Year’s Eve full of hope and smiles, starting the new year off with everyone feeling cheerful and having fun. The band and everyone on staff really got along so well, the laughter never stopped. Every day was so fun, I wish it had never ended! I was always making new discoveries while feeling the music that was changing and being nurtured day by day. Mitsubachi includes songs from singles from 2005 on as its focus, but looking back once more on the people I’ve met and challenges that filled those seven years, it was a precious time that makes me grateful for the past. It was heartening to my current self, given that in such an innocent way, that made it possible for me to, for my own sake alone, sing honestly.

The morning of New Year’s Day, coming home from the launch, for the first time in a while I slept in without setting an alarm. From the second I woke up, my next thought was of “Daddy” because I was about to get ready for the encore performance of “Daddy Longlegs.” Rehearsal was only the day before the opening day of January 4. I was prepared for the fact that it was going to be hard because I’d had a 3-month blank period of not playing Jerusha, but despite that it was definitely really rough! Slapping down and correcting my lines, having a staring contest with the music, confirming a ton of arrangements…… but it wasn’t just that, I also felt like because we were doing this, I wanted to get even closer than before to an ideal Jerusha. To put on such an unprecented encore performance with the fans’ support, despite the short run, I took the stage full of feelings of gratitude, reflecting on my joy in getting back in touch with this work again. It made all of us performing so happy that we could see all of you in the very first days of the year – we were so pleased.

And then, and then, from the moment the curtain went down for the last time, it was then time to go all-out on the “Singer-songwriter” album! I had been recording it the whole time I was on tour, but the switch that had been off during the musical was flipped on again. And! At last, it was finished.
Once more I want to have you tell me your thoughts at your leisure, but this time I’ve made my first album where I did the lyrics and composition for all the songs. There’s a tour based around it too. My birthday this year will be in Osaka. It’s still non-stop this year too!
Everyone, please have a fulfilling year. I ask your kind regard this year too.



Original Japanese entry here (under ‘the id’ dropdown list, Back Number ‘2013.02’).
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2013-onward


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