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I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for each and every one of you who went to see “Daddy-Long-Legs.” Thanks to you, we were able to finish the run without incident at Fukuoka. Thank you very much. Once again, I want to tell you here that I couldn’t express myself well in saying hello to you at the final show.

For me, three years after a musical and two plays too, it was a difficult role with nonstop talking and singing. I challenged myself, but it took a great amount of determination and courage to step outside of my comfort zone. But I wanted to dive into it despite that because, first, the theme was my beloved “Daddy-Long-Legs,” and because I was really happy that John Caird sought me out personally. I love musicals, but I know better than anyone what about me is lacking, so I could never be positive about it. I have absolutely no idea why John, who should know a great deal of wonderful actors, somehow still had me in mind for quite a long time for the role of Jerusha, but if John could say that to me, I considered believing in his presentiment too. John always noticed all sorts of little things when we were together on Les Miserables. He was someone I trusted, respected, and could show myself to.
Under such a person’s guidance, I could meet Yoshio Inoue-san–the role of Jarvis–who also turned out to be the kindest, loveliest person. But I was full of inexcusable feelings since even though we’re actually the same age, I played a female college student and he was “Daddy.” Always neutral, and then positive. He played a warm lead against me, constantly liable to be about to blow my fuse. I was very fortunate to have Inoue-san as my sole co-star.

But when we first started rehearsals, I was honestly on the verge of throwing in the towel. Lengthy lines…… staying on the stage the whole time, constantly singing or talking or diligently converting equipment (laughs). So much to remember! Maybe because every nook and cranny in my brain was operating at full capacity, I know every day after rehearsal the inside of my skull got hot with a fever. I threw myself into it, changing everything about my lifestyle and not thinking about anything outside of the play. Now that it’s over, my heart is truly overflowing with gratitude to every single person. It was just two actors, but there were many musicians and staff members. Every day I was onstage I thought of them being there with me. And there wasn’t a single one of them that wasn’t sweet and good-natured! That is really great!
And. The spectactors who learned mine and Daddy’s secret, that is to say my accomplices. How much was I saved by the sense that I got from everyone’s existence, day after day, that our feelings were shared? During rehearsals, no matter how we imagined it, we couldn’t know the true shape of the production, but from curtain rise on opening night, I felt like I could finally see it in how you participated. At least especially in relation to me, there was really a lot of things you could learn. Thank you very much.

I love nothing more than the aftertaste left by this production. The curtain falls with light euphoria surrendered, laughing through tears. Happy endings are great. The time I lived as Jerusha was happy, and it was even closer to myself than the sense of playing a role. Isn’t that what’s called a “connection”?
Upon the reviews, we decided to do a special encore performance. Honestly, it was rough timing right after a national tour, so I thought over a lot of things before deciding, but my love for this production won out above everything. If I can live as Jerusha once more, and get to meet young master Jarvis and my wonderful friends once more!

Let’s meet again.



Original Japanese entry here (under ‘the id’ dropdown list, Back Number ‘2012.10’).
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2012-onward


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