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モアザンワーズ More Than Words


  1. モアザンワーズ More Than Words
  2. デコボコマーチ(隊列は君に続く) Dekoboko March (Tairetsu wa Kimi ni Tsudzuku) / Uneven March (The Ranks Go On to You)
  3. -シークレットトラック- 木登りと赤いスカート‐Live Version‐ (「Live 2011 in the silence」@東京 天王洲・銀河劇場より) -Secret Track- Ki-nobori to Akai Skirt‐Live Version‐ (”Live 2011 in the silence” @ Tokyo Tennouzu Ginga Gekijou yori) / Tree-climbing and a Red Skirt (from “Live 2011 in the silence” at Tokyo Tennouzu Galaxy Theater)

Info: The limited edition of this single came with a DVD containing the “More Than Words” music video.


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