[maaya] 05/28/12 Journal Entry   Leave a comment

Thank you very much to everyone who downloaded the charity wallpaper we sold for a limited time during the month after my birthday (March 31). We already let you know on the home page too, but you allowed us to donate a total of 1,045,825 yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society as a Great East Japan Earthquake contribution. I’ll be happy if you like the wallpaper.
I’m extremely pleased, as well, to receive so many warm wishes of a happy birthday from many people this year too. Because last year, and the year before last–for two years consecutively–I’ve happened to hold a live concert on March 31, I keep spending my birthday surrounded by the bustle of many people around me, but because it felt just as special after all as if I had had a simple birthday, it became a turning point where I decided a new objective, tightening my feelings in just the same way. If my joy at being able to turn a year older and my feelings of gratitude at how I am supported by others could turn into just a little bit of strength by reaching yet another person,  I’d be even happier
By the way, I think some people realized it when they saw it, but the wallpaper design is in the same vein as the cover to “Daily Maaya Sakamoto – 0331” that was made around the time of the Budoukan live concert on my 30th birthday the year before last. We made it like some imaginary second cover. That means the 2012 publication of “0331,” only available during the past month, is a momento.
It’s been over a year since the earthquake, but even after this I want to do everything I can to try to get everyone to make progress while supporting each other.



Original Japanese entry here (under ‘the id’ dropdown list, Back Number ‘2012.05’).
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2012-onward


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