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Almost my birthday

It’s almost my birthday this year too. I’ll be 32. From here on I’d love to be able to get just a little closer to the future I envision, raising myself up more and more.
And, I’m once more grateful to all of you who have always supported me. I’m totally an adult already, held up by a lot of people! I still have a lot of deficiences, but I will hold firm in my quest so let’s get along well from here on out too.

Every year, I receive gifts from really a lot of people. Thank you so much for the presents that filled my heart with warmth. And like every year, I’ll say that because you are the ones who habitually listen to my CDs, come to my live concerts, and fully watch over me, you do not have to do anything because it’s my birthday. Just your feelings are more than enough, you know, is what I’ve been saying. And yet of course there are lots of people who color my birthday brightly for me.
If there’s anyone who might be thinking of getting me some present this year too…… please go to the limited-time present reception area on the official goods site and the cell phone fan club site ☆ For a limited time of one month between March 31, my birthday, and April 30, we’ve prepared a commemorative birthday wallpaper you can download. At 500 yen per download, all of the proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society as a Great East Japan Earthquake contribution. If a lot of people participate, I’ll feel really happy that this year too a great number of people remembered my birthday, so I’ll be able to share everyone’s warm feelings received as presents with the area struck by the disaster. And I don’t just receive from you, I can give you the wallpaper as evidence of my gratitude!

Pollen allergies are rough, and yet I love this time when spring is before us because it’s a season of hopes and premonitions in the air. I’m sure no matter how old I turn, I’ll love my own birthday.
Spring is a time that feels pivotal for anyone, no matter who. May all of you, no matter who, make spring your impetus to take one step forward to something.



Original Japanese entry here (under ‘the id’ dropdown list, Back Number ‘2012.03’).
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2012-onward


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