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The day after the last “Dirty Mama” episode aired, there was a wrap party in a certain part of the city and I cheekily came to take part too. It was fun just getting to talk to this person and that person I see on TV. I even got to meet who I’d wanted to, Hashizou (actually twins, Tsubasa-kun and Kei-kun), and poked some cheeks which pleased me.

The photo is a trio shot that will probably never happen again of Hiromi Nagasaku-san who certainly played the “Dirty Mama” role in the drama and Norito Yashima-san who was the detectives’ chief clerk but also appeared in my 15th anniversary commemorative movie “Flarella.” Can you sense the pleasant ambience?
Nagasaku-san was a delicate, cute person in possession of a soft ambience very far off from that of “Dirty.”  By the way, there’s a part of the song lyrics that goes “Chilly chilly rain,” and my manager I. thought that Nagasaku-san’s hairstyle in the show was done as a “chirichiri [frizzy] perm”… that’s thinking too much, haha.
Yashima-san came to me several times for “English-speaking night,” feeling there was some arbitrary connection somehow, but as always that amusing atmosphere and talk created swells of roaring laughter in the venue, haha… I lol’d too.
Since “Tsumetai Ame” was born thanks to this drama, I feel grateful once more for getting this opportunity.
Writing a song on that topic was hard in a fun way. But songwriters get more blessings than they deserve. I’d like to try that again.

On the occasion of a single release this time, I did four in-store live shows; really, how many years had it been? Thank you to everyone who came.
In one place, singing to a rain-focused water theme of nothing but songs related to water.
And in another place, singing a little “A Perfect Sky” about a sky like one the day after it’s rained.
Those around me let me know I’m a clear-weather girl, but since releasing “Tsumetai Ame” it’s been rain no matter where I go for a while now.
It might just be the accidental timing of the pre-spring rains, but you could think of it as a petty praying-for-rain song.
Beaten, struck… rejected, rained on…

Now, tomorrow I’m going to the Imperial Palace!


Original Japanese entry here.
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2012-onward


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