[ringo] 今夜はから騒ぎ Konya wa Karasawagi   2 comments

今夜はから騒ぎ Konya wa Karasawagi / Much Ado About Nothing Tonight

Translator: Sarah/frecklegirl

Do not copy and repost anywhere.


Do not copy and repost anywhere.

Translation notes: [1] The Akasaka Prince Hotel (renamed The Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka in 2007) began life in 1930 as the Kitashirakawa Palace, built to be the residence of Yi Un, the last crown prince of Korea. Its location is the Kioichō neighborhood of Tokyo, which took its name from three feudal-era clans with homes there; one home became the site for the palace and later the hotel. It opened as a hotel in 1955 and the modern tower next to the original palace was built in 1982. It was often used by Japanese politicians for meetings and press conferences because it was close to the National Diet buildings. It closed for demolition in March 2011, but after the Great East Japan Earthquake, it housed evacuees from Fukushima prefecture until June 2011.
[2] Tameike-Sannō is a Tokyo subway station, a little over half a mile away from the hotel above, and its Exit 8 deposits passengers so close to the National Diet buildings that policemen heavily patrol the exit, as seen in this photo. Toshiba EMI (Ringo’s record label) used to be located in that area as
well (the song named “Karisome Otome (Tameikesannoh ver.)” was a reference to that).


2 responses to “[ringo] 今夜はから騒ぎ Konya wa Karasawagi

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  1. Thank you for the translation. I adore this song and longed to know it’s meaning. 🙂

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