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{Translator’s note: This is an announcement posted to Ringo’s official site.)

At this time it has been decided that Tokyo Jihen will disband.
We bring you statements from the members related to that matter.


I thank all of those who enjoyed this frequency, this band.
Though it was a short time up until now, thank you so much.
Jihen will break up on this coming leap day, but our collected works will be forever immortal.

Turn on the power when we die,
resurrect us with your playback equipment.
This is farewell!

Ringo Shiina

Already six years have passed since I joined, it went by in a flash.
I am grateful that I could participate in this miraculous music catalogue. When I get used to my new self, I’ll want to make music together again. They are my precious friends that ran through the same time with me.
To those who supported us until now, I thank you from the heart.
In reality, you’ve saved us many times over. Thank you very much.
May the work Tokyo Jihen has built up touch all of you deeply going forward too.
I’ll see you again somewhere.
Goodbye. Thank you.

Ichiyou Izawa

Now we’re trying to end the days when the five of us made the sky ring, the days that we ran through at an all-time high.
I’ve packed the love that fills my heart as a musician and as a person into a time capsule called “Tokyo Jihen.” I vow that with our smiles, only one unfaltering sound will continue to ring out until the time when the curtain falls on our last live performance.
So, hoping for the time to come someday to open the door to this time capsule again…
Thank you very much for these seven years!

Seiji Kameda

It’s rare for five adults altogether to get along so well.
And yet even saying it’s ending like that is not really the case, is it?
I’m very grateful to the four of them for always being so nice.
I’m singing my own praises, but I think Tokyo Jihen made really cool music.
So I also think everyone who listened to that and came to see us were the coolest fans.
Thank you very much.

Toshiki Hata

Joining and disbanding always came suddenly with Tokyo Jihen.
When I think about it, I decided to join Tokyo Jihen the day before recording the album “Adult.”
It was fun.
Thank you so much!



Original Japanese here.
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2012-onward


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