[ringo] 恐るべき大人達 Osorubeki Otona-tachi   Leave a comment

恐るべき大人達 Osorubeki Otona-tachi / Les Adultes Terribles

Do not copy and repost anywhere.

You roam the city free, with a bigger dream

You keep on drifting through, seeking something new

I’m here

You want what’s brighter than the summer sky
Whiter than moonlight on a winter’s night
Deeper than the deep sea,
so what if wishes came true for you?

Adam and Eve would toss the apple away,
the Earth would turn the other way
You’d live up far on some barren star,
but down below you might hear us laughing
I’ll give you all you’re wanting so bad,
hold out your hands,
whisper a prayer
Can you feel forever and ever?

Rejoice, be glad. Rejoice and be glad.

Wanting to come down, you’re not finding ground

Do not copy and repost anywhere.

Info: The title of the song refers to the 1929 French novel Les enfants terribles, known in Japanese as 恐るべき子供たち (Osorubeki Kodomo-tachi) and in English as The Holy Terrors, though both the original French and Japanese translation literally mean “terrible children.” The novel title refers to the French expression enfant terrible, also used in English as is. In the case of this song, “adult” has been substituted for “child” in the title.


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