[maaya] You can’t catch me   Leave a comment

You can’t catch me


  1. Eternal Return
  2. 秘密 Himitsu / Secret
  3. Down Town
  4. 美しい人 Utsukushii Hito / Beautiful One
  5. キミノセイ Kimi no Sei / Your Fault
  6. ゼロとイチ Zero to Ichi / Zeroes and Ones
  7. みずうみ Mizuumi / Lake
  8. Stand Up, Girls!
  9. ミライ地図 Mirai Chizu / The Map of the Future
  10. ムーンライト(または“きみが眠るための音楽”) Moonlight (mata wa “Kimi ga Nemuru Tame no Ongaku”) / Moonlight (or, “Music to Put You to Sleep”)
  11. 手紙 Tegami / Letter
  12. トピア Topia

Info: The limited edition came with a CD of seven live tracks from the 15th anniversary concert in March 2010.

The liner notes from the album mini-site have been translated here. The liner notes from a magazine interview appear on each song, translated by me.


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