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  1. I.D.
  2. マメシバ Mame-shiba
  3. birds
  4. うちゅうひこうしのうた Uchuuhikoushi no Uta / The Astronaut’s Song
  5. 指輪 -23カラット- Yubiwa -23 karat- / Ring
  6. 奇跡の海 Kiseki no Umi / Sea of Miracles
  7. ヘミソフィア Hemisphere
  8. 紅茶 Koucha / Black Tea
  9. 風が吹く日 Kaze ga Fuku Hi / The Day A Wind Blows
  10. Gift
  11. パイロット Pilot
  12. tune the rainbow
  13. カザミドリ Kazamidori / Weathervane
  14. 約束はいらない Yakusoku wa Iranai / I Don’t Need a Promise
  15. ループ~sunset side Loop~sunset side


  1. マジックナンバー<123!mix> Magic Number <123!mix>
  2. Remedy
  3. 光あれ Hikari Are / Let There Be Light
  4. 僕たちが恋をする理由 Boku-tachi ga Koi o Suru Riyuu / The Reason We’re In Love
  5. ダニエル Daniel
  6. ユッカ Yucca
  7. blind summer fish
  8. gravity
  9. NO FEAR / あいすること NO FEAR / Aisuru koto / NO FEAR / Loving Someone
  10. 30minutes night flight
  11. プラチナ Platina / Platinum
  12. Feel Myself
  13. ユニバース Universe
  14. ポケットを空にして Pocket o Kara ni Shite / Emptying Our Pockets
  15. everywhere

Info: A best-of set celebrating Maaya’s 15th anniversary since her debut, released on her 30th birthday (hence 30 total tracks). There was a first-press bonus DVD containing PVs for “Magic Number” and “Everywhere.” At the one-night-only live concert at the Budoukan the same day this was released, a magazine containing interviews and other bits of information was sold. A list of Maaya’s liner notes for this album was published inside, translated here.

There is also the official “liner notes” about the album as a whole, not written by Maaya. Links to other translated interviews and articles related to this album collected here.


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