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スポーツ Sports


  1. 生きる Ikiru / To Live
  2. 電波通信 Denpa Tsuushin / Radiowave Transmission
  3. シーズンサヨナラ Season Sayonara / A Goodbye to the Season
  4. 勝ち戦 Kachi-ikusa / Victory
  5. FOUL
  6. 雨天決行 Utenkekkou / Will Go On Rain or Shine
  7. 能動的三分間 Noudouteki Sanpunkan / An Active Three Minutes
  8. 絶体絶命 Zettai Zetsumei / Stalemate
  9. FAIR
  10. 乗り気 Noriki / Eagerness
  11. スイートスポット Sweet Spot
  12. 閃光少女 Senkou Shoujo / Flash Girl
  13. 極まる Kimaru / To Peak

Album info: This is the fourth of Tokyo Jihen’s television-themed albums (Education, Adult, Variety, Sports, and Discovery television). The first-press bonus was an embossed slipcover.

As with before, Ringo created her own translations of the tracklist, which again are not perfect/accurate translations; rather, they were created to mirror the symmetry of the original Japanese titles. (Tracks 1 and 13 mirror each other, as do 2 and 12, and so on.) The list is as follows:

1.  Vivre
2.  Put Your Antenna Up
3.  Season SAYONARA
4.  Win Every Fight
5.  FOUL
6.  Life Will Be Held Even If It Rains
7.  3 min.
8.  Life May Be Monotonous But The Sun Shines
9.  FAIR
10. Ride Every Wave
11. SWEET Spot
12. Put Your Camera Down
13. Adieu


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