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かぜよみ Kazeyomi / Windreading


  1. Vento / Wind
  2. トライアングラー Triangular
  3. 風待ちジェット~kazeyomi edition Kazemachi Jet~kazeyomi edition / A Jet Waiting for a Good Wind
  4. Remedy
  5. 雨が降る Ame ga Furu / Rain Falls
  6. Get No Satisfaction!
  7. 蒼のエーテル Ao no Ether / Blue Ether
  8. 失恋カフェ Shitsuren Cafe / Heartbreak Café
  10. ピーナッツ Peanut
  11. さいごの果実 Saigo no Kajitsu / The Last Fruit
  12. Colors
  13. カザミドリ Kazamidori / Weathervane
  14. ギター弾きになりたいな Guitar-hiki ni Naritai na / I Wanna Be A Guitar Player

Info: Links to translated interviews and/or articles related to this album collected here.

Maaya’s blog entry about this release found here.


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