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I went with JUJU to the Ray-Ban party Chris Peppler-san invited me to. As I’ve been a fan of Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer for a while, using Ray-Ban frames now each time I put on glasses, and yet I didn’t really know much about all that stuff, Chris-san’s invitation was.. right on target! Because I’d been secretly informed that there would be a surprise live where Anna Tsuchiya-chan would perform, I also wanted to come see that. There was a lot of excitement in the guests gathered by Anna-chan’s powerful voice. She looked so cool! The truth is I don’t really like parties (cries) but even so, in a space for rock at the Ebisu Liquid Room getting to see Kanou Shimai and Duke Saraie-san and thinking it would all never end, for all that I’m glad I went.. haha. As a souvenir I got cute stickers and some sunglasses! We were satisfied seeing the live and quickly made our way out and went somewhere else to finally do some serious drinking. I stayed out until dawn with JUJU. She’s also a New York resident, so just talking with her makes you feel like you’re drifting through New York–it’s so strange. It made me want to go to New York again!!

Extra: The sunglasses that have multiplied without my realizing it. Even though of course they might be the Ray-Ban I use every day…


Original Japanese entry here (under “[2008.05.15]”).
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2008-onward


Posted 2008/05/15 by seira in bonnie pink, diary entry translations

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