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I came to bother Hirai Ken-chan at his Budoukan live.
‘Am I the kind of stupid person who’s always late?’ I worried upon receiving a text saying ‘Bonnie, hurry up, it’s starting’ just before I got there, but thank god I made it in time. It really was.. just starting. But, not just the start but the whole thing was a wonderful show. Sorry to keep saying again how good his songs are, but they are good.. (I said it anyway). And not just the songs, but Ken-chan can do all kinds of things!
(/ ∇\) Eeee–that’s the kind of show it was. I can’t say any more about how it looked, but I really enjoyed myself. Ken-chan’s backup dancers have up until now been in various places watching him, but this time they were playing the parts of what looked like splattered syrup from a sponge shortcake, completing a “Hirai Ken” tower, with the strawberry and sponge sections propping him up while he was singing–but anyway, it was really a very lovely cake they gave us. Lots of times I was moved to tears… I was tired after the show and the quite refreshing Ken-chan outshone me. I, Kaori K, had come in wearing a pendant, but is that the Ken-chan’s K he became friends with? –is what I was plunged into (haha). Today was wonderful in getting to do all I’d wanted. The truth is Ken-chan debuted in the same year as me–ooooh, and I’m still not there yet! But, I’ll keep going! [BONNIE PINK]


Original Japanese entry here (under “[2008.05.07]”).
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2008-onward


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