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When the Earth Day Concert at the Budokan ended, for a little while I felt completely exhausted, like a Bonnie Mountain. Thanks to everyone who came out. I became more aware that I should take a bit more of a closer look at my halfhearted eco life.
Today’s pictures are some that were taken in San Francisco. I used to use a Contax T2 for taking pictures, but nowadays it’s been a while… I like feeling like I’m taking them more than they’re being taken.
It’s a place of perpetually-hilly streets, trolleys, and a laid-back atmosphere that makes you feel like you want to draw a picture of it.
Long ago I loved to watch the American TV show “Party of Five” [Japanese title translated: “Under the San Francisco Sky” -trans] so I was thrilled to be truly treading that same ground for the first time. Also, as movies like “Sweet November” and “Serendipity” were also set in that lovely San Francisco scenery, I’d always thought of it as a place I absolutely had to visit someday. It’s also important to leave Tokyo and feel absent-minded and relieved. [BONNIE PINK]


Original Japanese entry here (under “[2008.04.25]”).
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2008-onward


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