[bp] 4/17/08 Diary Entry   1 comment

Guess where I am !
I’m in San Francisco for Bandai Namco Game Show !

Everyone, thank you again this year for your warm happy-birthday messages!
I’m spending my birthday week in San Francisco. I’m in America for another 15 days, but lots of people wishing me a happy birthday makes me happy. And I get to continue it for one more day, making 2008’s ‘irregular’ birthday a double one, which makes me happy.
The rays of the sun are really strong here, so although I brought a hat, I bought another one just like it.
Ultraviolet rays are scary, but it’s convenient to be able to walk through the city. At what cost!
But the brightness is bad for me and soon makes my eyes water, so sunglasses are a must.
That’s right, I have to put on sunglasses all the time! Normally I don’t wear them, but as a last resort when I was getting my license, I had to go to an optician to get glasses made, and when they measured me it turns out I’m 0.2 in both eyes… (cries)
The truth is, at lives I can’t see the audience’s faces. And at those times, it’s happened that because someone is waving their hands at me, I think they’re an acquaintance of mine and wave back, but once I get closer I see that they’re a fan. (laughs)

I took a few pictures to show everyone what the scenery is like.

Hey hey, who are you waiting for there? With such a sad face…
It’d be nice if I was the person you’re waiting for. You look so lonely.
It was pretty hard to leave this place.
I hope his owner pets him a lot after this.

Painting on the wall of a school at Haight & Ashbury. So colorful it seemed to really POP!
I felt the freedom you give up and forget about when you grow up.

Aahh! Another waiting one! At dusk… (cries) But since he’s a spoiled one, I’m sure he’ll be fed a lot of tasty food so it’s okay, but how boring, a life of nothing but waiting… “I’ll howl away, to get some meat in me” is what I thought he’d whisper in my ear but since he was making a kind of uneasy facial expression, I reluctantly gave up on coercing him.

This crab making a heart silhouette that cuts into the sky is so cute! Its body being made out of flowers is even cuter. Pier 39 with its row of delicious seafood restaurants and shops is a sightseeing spot along San Francisco Bay.

From the deck looking out of the restaurant window, I thought there were a lot of brown sacks lying around but it was actually a legion of sea lions… (sweatdrop) Sorryyy! They’re a landmark and I didn’t know…

Last night we went out for a birthday dinner (for me) to a seafood restaurant. The people at the restaurant knew it was my birthday so they brought out cheesecake and sang happy birthday to me! I was so happy…
Because the man who was our waiter asked “So, you’re turning 22?” I went ahead and said “You got it!” [BONNIE PINK]


Original Japanese entry here (under “[2008.04.17]”).
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2008-onward


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  1. LOL at the waiter saying that Boonie is turning 22… can't blame him really ^^

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