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You doing well? It’s already April. Today’s rainy… ~April Shower~
By the way, a few days ago, I went somewhere in Shibuya to properly go and see the live of a friend, Tomoe Shinohara. There I encountered Miku & Alisa of Ya-Kyim. After she gave a great performance, I couldn’t bring myself to go home as I was so as a way of cooling down, the four of us went to Starbucks for some tea. Tomoe-chan got excited about going to karaoke. Ya-Kyim also had been busy with recording company stuff and hadn’t been doing fun stuff very often, so without even planning it we had a girls night out. I also have a live this month, so I have to work on my physical strength–nooo! Everyone come and see it. [BONNIE PINK]

Bonus: My latest favorite thing, a Banana-san cell phone strap. When I’m tired or not feeling very energetic I look at this strap and I sort of feel like I can keep going. I was shocked to come across it in a Daikanyama thrift store!


Original Japanese entry here (under “[2008.04.11]”).
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2008-onward


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