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30minutes night flight


  1. 30minutes night flight
  2. ドリーミング Dreaming
  3. 記憶-there’s no end Kioku -there’s no end / Memories -there’s no end
  4. 僕たちが恋をする理由 Boku-tachi ga Koi o Suru Riyuu / The Reason We’re In Love
  5. セツナ Setsuna / Moment
  6. ユニバース Universe
  7. 30minutes night flight~sound of a new day

Flight Concept: One night, a girl who just couldn’t fall asleep, despite having turned from side to side a hundred times and heaved a hundred sighs, couldn’t take it any longer and, standing up, opened the window with a creak.

Even though the view from beyond the window would soon turn bright in due time, staring out into the pitch darkness of the night, she couldn’t bring herself to believe that daybreak would be coming soon.

“If at this rate, the morning doesn’t come…”

And, at that moment, a small, silver toy plane passed by before her eyes. Surprised, she tried to follow it with her eyes, and the next thing she knew, the girl found herself seated in that airplane.

Even without her inputting in any commands, the plane flew ahead smoothly. While passing by numerous streets and countries, and all the boundaries plotted above this planet, she caught a glimpse of the ways in which many people lived from the skies. People living in the world, who were utterly unrelated to her. But the truth was, everyone resembled her in some way or another – fretting over the same issues, laughing over the same things. And the girl was embarrassed, for having thought, just a few moments ago, that she was the only one in the world who was especially lonely, and who was so sad she couldn’t sleep.

When she noticed it, the plane had already reached outer space. From the planet called Earth, the shining eyes of each and every life living on it reached straight up and outwards just like searchlights, and shone into the dimensions of space. The countless pale searchlights gathered together, and the huge Earth was glimmering. And the girl slowly closed her eyes, feeling calm amidst the embrace of that light.

And when she next opened her eyes, she was in her own bed, in her own room. When she opened the window with a creak, the view beyond the window had already started turning brighter. And the girl thought, “Ah, soon tomorrow shall become today.” When she took in a deep breath, she thought she heard the faint sound of propellers in the distance, moving away from her.

To everyone who has ever had a sleepless night… a 30-minute night flight. (Translated by Philosoranter)

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Maaya’s blog entry about this release found here.


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