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How are all of you members getting along?
We bring you November 2006’s monthly report, Kougyoku [Jonathan apple].

So the contents remaining in obscurity were something like this? Yes. What Ms. Ringo had worked hard on for a long “work period” was film music and a new single that developed from that, and there was a new album. Certainly, with this timing such a volume of news will arrive. Moreover, for this occasion it will not be as Tokyo Jihen but as Ringo Shiina. Our fannish interest won’t run out at all.

Now, the monthly report Kougyoku this time will completely introduce you to the finally clear new developments from Ms. Ringo. Stemming from “Sakuran,” many topics are ripening.
Also, we tried changing the plan for the customary Ringo Shiina mini-interview “Hikensha no Heya [Test Subject’s Room].” Up ’til now, we’ve implemented a design of “10 Seasonal Songs” regarding the period of a special event, but this time, under the name of “[Ringo Shiina] will publish her fall 2006 musical harvest,” we got Ms. Ringo to tell us about her recommended songs for this fall.

That said, please enjoy at your leisure this month’s issue of the monthly report, Kougyoku.


{Ringo Shiina Mini-Interview “Hikensha no Heya”}

As you know, this is the Ringo Shiina mini-interview “Hikensha no Heya.” Because this is the time for questions of “Sakuran” to have become public, there are a great deal of various things on that theme we want to try asking Ms. Ringo, but we have the pleasure of doing that for your enjoyment from here on.
The theme this time is, as material for long-awaited music, “Ringo Shiina will publish her fall 2006 musical harvest.” Just what kind of line-up do we have of this fall’s famous songs that Ms. Ringo wants all of you, too, to listen to without fail?

Ringo Shiina will publish her fall 2006 musical harvest – we got only 10 songs total (listed randomly).

* Artist: Ween
Title: Even if you don’t
Label: Elektra Entertainment
Album: White Pepper

* Artist: Tony! Toni! Tone!
Title: Thinking of you
Label: Mercury
Album: House of Music

* Artist: Till Bronner
Title: Your way to say Goodbye
Label: Universal International
Album: That Summer

* Artist: That Dog
Title: She Doesn’t Know How
Label: Geffen
Album: Totally Crushed Out

* Artist: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
Title: You Ain’t Livin’ Till You’re Lovin’
Label: Motown Records
Album: The Complete Duets

* Artist: SAKEROCK
Title: Seikatsu (Umauma-kun Iiwake Version)
(Hidden Track)
Label: (independent)
Album: Life Cycle

* Artist: S-Tone Inc.
Title: Venus
Label: Schema
Album: Luz y Sombra

* Artist: The Roots
Title: Dynamite
Label: MCA
Album: Things Fall Apart

* Artist: Portishead
Title: Roads
Label: Go! Discs/London
Album: Dummy

* Artist: Mishika
Title: In a Serious Way
Label: (independent)
Album: One Tree

<Some words from Ms. Ringo> I chose only the songs near an alphabet appropriate for fall, of the four seasons’ evenings. Because fall is a swaying season. 8 minutes and 16 minutes are different. In this way.

[Interview Postscript]
But this time we probably can’t say “interview.” Upon trying to look into it, as it’s relatively possible to do a trial listening, those who have an interest in that, you are certainly free to listen. Once more we felt that Ms. Ringo often listens to black people music, surprisingly, no?

We plan to distribute the next monthly report, Kougyoku, on December 1, 2006.
At last the latest major news from Ringo Shiina was delivered to us. As for from now on, a rapid succession of fun detailed topics will only be released. In the next issue too, naturally, no doubt it has nothing but contents that are full to the brim of fun.
May you not catch cold. However, since your hearts are warm, you won’t catch a cold.

Ringo Group Leader


From original Japanese email sent out to members of the official “Ringo-han” (Ringo Group) fan club.
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2006-onward


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