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How are all of you members getting along?
We bring you October 2006’s monthly report, Kougyoku [Jonathan apple].

Fall has intensified. With every rainfall, summer continues to get farther away. It’s already become almost a month ago, but with the long-awaited live DVD “Just can’t help it.” going on sale September 6, I think that gratified all of you fans for a short time. So, after that. It’s too bad we are unable to look at the activity from leading Ringo Shiina to Tokyo Jihen at present this fall. However, we will await the certain launching out after remaining in obscurity. For now, for a short time, let’s all wait–we will, too.


There is an interview feature in this month’s monthly report, Kougyoku. The mini-interview with Ms. Ringo is fundamentally the same, but as this time it’s an interview about her fall 2006 state, we tried to ask about a lot of things about what Ms. Ringo’s current status is. We decided to do a special interview with Toshiki Hata too at the same time. For Toshiki Hata, who we believe has been devoted to treatment since confirming a bone fracture, how far has he recovered, and how has he been getting by in life? It’s a valuable interview for both.

That said, please enjoy at your leisure this month’s issue of the monthly report, Kougyoku.

{Interview Feature Part One, Toshiki Hata}

First we have Toshiki Hata’s interview. Toshiki Hata is working hard in treatment currently, but considering the fans worried about how he is, we interviewed him expressly to satisfy them. That said, please look at it.

Q: First, I think I want to ask about your physical condition. How have you been lately?

My physical condition isn’t really very good, but lately, I haven’t been causing trouble for anyone so I’m relieved. (It seems he has a slight cold lately. –Ringo Group ed.)

Q: It seems you were hospitalized, but you let us read in “Column: Ko-panda [Baby Panda]”* about the tragicomedy of that time. Were there a lot of troublesome things indeed?

That’s so. I’m not very good at opening my mouth [to ask for things], so it was hard to have nothing but things I didn’t understand. I left the hospital still not understanding a thing.

* Column: Ko-panda was Hata’s little blog-thing on the Kronekodow site at the time. trans.

Q: If I may say something personal, Hata-san, I lent you the DVD “Comedy Ultra Quiz” to top up your hospitalized mental state. Did that lift your spirits a bit?

It was hard to withstand laughing and crying in the hospital, getting lent a lot of DVDs by various people.

Q: Now, you unfortunately could not perform at July’s “Society of the Citizens Vol.1” event, but what was your mental state?

It was a lot of fun. (to be able to watch the live)

Q: At the photo shoot for the Gesellschaft [Society] Calendar, you were reunited with the Tokyo Jihen members after a long time. How did that feel?

I had really missed them.

Q: And at December’s rock festival “Countdown Japan 06/07” you will make your comeback after biding your time, but tell me about your enthusiasm.

Well, I’m looking forward to it since I won’t be doing anything that feels like real, long work. I’ll do my best.

Q: Finally, could you please say something to your fans who have been worried about you.

I’m really so sorry. I’ll keep doing my best, so please allow it if I can.

[Interview Postscript]
He wants to undergo treatment carefully, without rushing. It seems his hand is doing well. If that’s so, there’s nothing for us to do but calmly await Toshiki Hata’s complete restoration.

{Interview Feature Part Two, Ms. Ringo}

Now, we continue with the well-known Ringo Shiina mini-interview “Hikensha no Heya [Test Subject’s Room].” Ms. Ringo has been totally secluded in the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave* called “work activity”–just what kinds of things is she doing in there? As natural fans, this is a very worrisome state of affairs. So this time, we tackled Ms. Ringo from directly opposite on the theme of her current status this fall. Thereupon, there are many important utterances. The questions grouped into different categories are easy to understand. Please be satisfied by this episode of abundant significance.

* Reference to Japanese mythology. The Sun Goddess Amaterasu-omikami hid herself away in the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave, causing Amanouzume-no-mikoto to perform a dance to lure her out. trans.

–Ringo Shiina Mini-Interview “Hikensha no Heya

Ringo Shiina talks about her current status, fall 2006

* about Junkankei Nakayoshi [Circulatory System Friends] Goods 2007
Q: For the Gesellschaft [Society] Calendar for Junkankei Nakayoshi Goods 2007, it seems you had a photo shoot. What were your thoughts about having gathered all of Tokyo Jihen together after a long time?

We weren’t really chatting away, but I was happy to be able to personally experience that Hata’s post-op progress was satisfactory.

Q: Now then, the photos from that time have been used in the Gesellschaft [Society] Calendar 2007, but I’ve heard rumors that it’s been finished extremely well. As Ringo-san, how is the 2007 edition?

The goods sale head’s scheme, AD Manabu Mizuno (Good Design Company’s art director, Manabu Mizuno-san. –Ringo Group ed.)’s gentle management, everything has rushed towards the direction of creating the best-ever calendar.

Q: The Gutsherrschaft ballpoint pen is a floating pen style for the 2007 edition too. Moreover this time, it will have your figure flowing up and down, Ringo-san. As yourself, how is that?

I’m as embarrassed as possible. It’s ill-prepared. However, I’m happy everyone receives it well. But it’s always like that–I want to follow everyone’s wishes.

Q: For the Junkankei Nakayoshi Goods, we’ve received a lot of orders from all your fans for the 2007 edition as well. Please say a few words addressed to those people.

Thank you for your continued patronage. I wonder how it was. I would like to be honored with your opinions should there be any inconveniences. Please continue to give me your favor…

* about everyday things
Q: Lately, is there something you’ve been devoting yourself to in your everyday life?

I’ve been devoting myself. I mean I’ve been devoting myself to devotion. At any rate, I’m sticking to my computer nowadays.

Q: Have you seen any good movies or plays recently?

What Jin Katagiri-san and Kitarou-san performed in (the play “Dorobou Yakusha [Thief Actor]” –Ringo Group ed.), what LaSalle Ishii-san and Keiko Toda-san performed in; I’m seeing a lot of plays. Hiroko Taniyama-san even spoke. All were wonderful.

Q: Please tell us about any female stars you have your eye on lately.

I’m all about Mineko Saitou, a dancer in the Shigehiro Ide-san organization Idevian Crew. “Miss Mineko”–that name is incredibly fitting*. She is a very beautiful person.

* Mineko = sweet-voiced child trans.

Q: Are there any topics on your mind in the comedy genre?

Dorobou Yakusha [Thief Actor]” by Masafumi Nishida-san–creator, director, he even wrote it–was funny and took me aback. That was a work that made enough use of Katagiri-san’s charm, with the dignity not to rely on it too much.

Q: Lately, you often receive as a supply of refreshments a chewy sweet. You’re enjoying them in quite a tasty way, but where do they come from?

It’s fried bean curd lees by the selling agency called “(publicly traded) Tofu Factory Ishikawa.” It’s #1 for my favorite sweets. Originally Jihen manager Ms. R told me about this manufacturer.

* about her work activity
Q: I also heard you’re considerably immersed in work activity at present, but what kind of state of affairs is this?

I’m concentrating on the formation of fresh songs that reflect a woman’s heart, as requested by a friend. Nearly drowned by words and notes again, I’m destroying myself.

Q: Now, please say a few words full of hope to all of the members.

That it’s a signal that only good things await the continuation of bad things. I don’t know if that’s true but I’m believing in that now.
Good luck.

[Interview Postscript]
Oh my, a time of fullness the same as a fall-like harvest festival. There were many answers that can give a rough estimate of Ms. Ringo at present. Sales comments overflowing with love for Circulatory System, the plays that jolted her senses, her beloved sweet, and up to her work activity. This will be able to spur on our dreams. Despite fall’s long nights, it can’t be helped that every night is short.

We plan to distribute the next monthly report, Kougyoku, on November 1, 2006.
Somehow, the state of things is too quiet, but on the contrary I have a suspicious hunch. Like a big something is quickening underwater. We must proceed with caution so that that something can gush out when it will.
Due to that, no doubt that the contents of the next issue will shake you up in some way.

Ringo Group Leader


From original Japanese email sent out to members of the official “Ringo-han” (Ringo Group) fan club.
Translation © Sarah/Frecklegirl 2006-onward


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