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夕凪LOOP Yuunagi Loop / Evening Calm On Loop


  1. Hello
  2. ハニー・カム Honey Comb
  3. ループ Loop
  4. 若葉 Wakaba / New Leaves
  5. パプリカ Paprika
  6. My Favorite Books
  7. 月と走りながら Tsuki to Hashiri-nagara / While Running with the Moon
  8. NO FEAR / あいすること NO FEAR / Aisuru koto / NO FEAR / Loving Someone
  9. ユニゾン Unison
  10. 冬ですか Fuyu desu ka / Is It Winter?
  11. 夕凪ループ Yuunagi Loop / Evening Calm On Loop
  12. a happy ending

Album concept: Each and every one of our little lives; the feelings that keep the world connected.
The moment when the wind suddenly stops amid the days’ frequent loops.
Maaya Sakamoto compared the place where she’s standing now to an evening calm.

A moment of silence amid the hustle and bustle, from a place where the sound of the breeze can be heard from far away.
The moment when the breeze changes before the sun sets, and also the moment when the sun rises somewhere in the world.

From grand loops to modest but beloved everyday loops,

the world is always turning.
That’s how Maaya Sakamoto describes “Yuunagi Loop.”
(original here)

Maaya’s blog entry about this release found here.


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