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少年アリス Shounen Alice / Boy Alice


  1. うちゅうひこうしのうた Uchuuhikoushi no Uta / The Astronaut’s Song
  2. ソラヲミロ Sora o Miro / Look at the Sky
  3. スクラップ ~別れの詩(うた) Scrap ~Wakare no Uta / Scrap ~Breakup Ballad
  4. まきばアリス! Makiba Alice! / Pasture Alice!
  5. 真昼が雪 Mahiru ga Yuki / There’s Snow at Midday
  6. KING FISHER GIRL (The Song of “Wish You Were Here”)
  7. ヒーロー Hero
  8. 夜 Yoru / Night
  10. 光あれ Hikari Are / Let There Be Light
  11. ちびっこフォーク Chibikko Folk / Smallfolk
  12. park amsterdam(the whole story)
  13. 03
  14. おきてがみ Okitegami / Farewell Letter

Album info: Links to translated interviews and/or articles related to this album collected here. The concept for this album, written by Maaya herself, is as follows: What does one have to do to describe the self well? Gender, age, nationality, race, name, “title.” Symbols to fulfill these criteria, we have many of them. But these symbols, how much can they tell of the whole? For example, just within me, a lone human being: masculine and feminine, child-like and adult-like, strength and weakness, tenderness and coldness, such directly-opposed elements exist together. But if I must mark this disc with one symbol, I think “Shounen Alice [Boy Alice]” will do the job well. Just as all people do, I carry many contradictions and infinities. If I am to express such emotions, then I think these words will do the job well. (Translated by Miyuki)


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