[maaya] シングルコレクション+ ニコパチ Single Collection+ Nikopachi   Leave a comment

シングルコレクション+ ニコパチ Single Collection+ Nikopachi


  1. 夜明けのオクターブ Yoake no Octave / An Octave at Dawn
  2. ヘミソフィア Hemisphere
  3. ダニエル Daniel
  4. バイク Bike / Motorbike
  5. しっぽのうた Shippo no Uta / Tail Song
  6. 指輪 -23カラット- Yubiwa -23 karat- / Ring
  7. 音楽 Ongaku / Music
  8. みどりのはね Midori no Hane / Green Wings
  9. シマシマ Shimashima / Striped
  10. キミドリ Kimidori / Peagreen
  11. tune the rainbow
  12. toto
  13. Here
  14. ベクトル Vector
  15. THE GARDEN OF EVERYTHING ~電気ロケットに君をつれて~ feat. steve conte ~denki rocket ni kimi o tsurete~ / ~taking you along in an electric rocket~
  16. gravity

Album info: Links to translated interviews and/or articles related to this album collected here. Maaya’s blog entry about this release can be found here. In regards to the title, “nikopachi” is a combination of two Japanese onomatopoeia, “niko-niko” and “pachi-pachi” or “pachiri.” “Niko-niko” is used to describe the expression of someone with a beaming happy smile on her face, and “pachi-pachi” or “pachiri” is used to describe the sound of someone clapping, blinking, snapping a picture, or punching. As you can see in the album cover, Maaya is both smiling and punching–nikopachi!


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