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  1. Lucy [1]
  2. マメシバ Mame-shiba
  3. ストロボの空 Strobo no Sora / A Strobing Sky
  4. アルカロイド Alkaloid
  5. 紅茶 Koucha / Black Tea
  6. 木登りと赤いスカート Ki-nobori to Akai Skirt / Tree-climbing and a Red Skirt
  7. Life is Good
  8. Honey Bunny
  9. Tシャツ T-Shirt
  10. 空気と星 Kuuki to Hoshi / Air and Stars
  11. Rule~色褪せない日々 Rule ~Iro-asenai Hibi / Rules ~Those Days That Aren’t Fading
  12. 私は丘の上から花瓶を投げる Watashi wa Oka no Ue kara Kabin o Nageru / I’ll Throw a Vase from the Top of the Hill

[1] “Lucy” liner notes: I am me, you are you.
We’re totally different, separate persons.
But even so, what if we have just one thing in common?
(Translated by roxfan)

Links to translated interviews and/or articles related to this album collected here.

Maaya’s blog entry about this release found here.


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