[maaya] シングルコレクション+ ハチポチ Single Collection+ Hotchpotch   Leave a comment

シングルコレクション+ ハチポチ Single Collection+ Hotchpotch


  1. 約束はいらない Yakusoku wa Iranai / I Don’t Need a Promise
  2. ともだち Tomodachi / My Friend
  3. ボクらの歴史 Bokura no Rekishi / Our History
  4. Gift
  5. 君に会いにいこう Kimi ni Ai ni Ikou / I’ll Go and See You
  6. 光の中へ Hikari no Naka e / Into the Light
  7. Light of Love
  8. 奇跡の海 Kiseki no Umi / Sea of Miracles
  9. パイロット Pilot
  10. Active Heart
  11. プラチナ Platina / Platinum
  12. 24
  13. 恋人について Koibito ni Tsuite / About My Boyfriend
  14. ポケットを空にして Pocket o Kara ni Shite / Emptying Our Pockets
  15. Call Your Name

Album info: From the album liner notes… “Hotchpotch means: a number of things mixed up with Maaya’s order or arrangement. ‘Potch’ is a traditional Japanese name for dog and ‘hotch’ is the name of the most clever dog in Japan. ‘Potch’ is the typical sound expression to press a button.” ‘Most clever dog’ refers to Hachi, a dog who is now immortalized in a statue known as Hachikou outside Shibuya Station that has become Tokyo’s #1 meeting spot.

There was also a North American version of this album, released on July 5, 2005.

Links to translated interviews and/or articles related to this album collected here.


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