[ringo] 無罪モラトリアム Muzai Moratorium   Leave a comment

無罪モラトリアム Muzai Moratorium / Not Guilty Moratorium


  1. 正しい街 Tadashii Machi / The Right City
  2. 歌舞伎町の女王 Kabuki-cho no Joou / The Queen of Kabuki-cho
  3. 丸ノ内サディスティック Marunouchi Sadistic
  4. 幸福論(悦楽編) Koufuku-ron (Etsuraku-hen) / Eudaemonics (Pleasure ver.)
  5. 茜さす 帰路照らされど… Akane sasu Kiro Terasaredo… / Though red streaks light my way home…
  6. シドと白昼夢 Sid to Hakuchuumu / Sid and Daydreams
  7. 積木遊び Tsukimi Asobi / Playing with Blocks
  8. ここでキスして。 Koko de Kiss Shite. / Kiss Me Here.
  9. 同じ夜 Onaji Yoru / The Same Night
  10. 警告 Keikoku / Warning
  11. モルヒネ Morphine

Album info: “無罪 muzai” is a word specifically used in a legal context to refer to an innocent or not guilty verdict. “Moratorium” in Japanese can refer to young adults who choose to delay entry into society as full working adults by pursuing alternate life path choices, such as becoming NEETs, freeters, or even shut-ins.


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