[ringo] 丸の内サディスティック Marunouchi Sadistic   Leave a comment

丸の内サディスティック Marunouchi Sadistic

Translator: Sarah/frecklegirl

Do not copy and repost anywhere.


Do not copy and repost anywhere.

Song info: Written while Ringo was studying abroad in England, using a music sequencer step recording for the music, and all-English lyrics. She later changed the lyrics for release in Japan to Japanese with the right nuance.
Notes: [1] Rickenbacker 620 – her famous guitar, also known for being a favorite brand of the Beatles
[2] 190,000 – 190,000 yen or approximately $1800.
[3] Tokyo, Ochanomizu, Ginza, Korakuen, Ikebukuro – stops on the Marunouchi subway line in Tokyo. Ochanomizu contains lots of instrument and guitar shops; Korakuen has a lot of tax offices.
[4] Marshall – brand of her amplifier
[5] Rat – her PROCO brand distortion pedal. Her ’zine “RAT” is also named after this
[6] Benzie (pronounced “Benji”) is the nickname of one of her idols, Kenichi Asai (of Blankey Jet City, Sherbets, and Ajico)
[7] pizaya no kanojo/pizza place girl – refers to a line in Blankey Jet City’s song “Pink no Wakai Buta [The Young Pink Pig]” which mentions a “pizaya no kanojo” (pizza place girl). Ringo also worked part-time at a pizza place in junior and senior high school in Fukuoka
[8] Gretsch – Kenichi Asai’s guitar
[9] The line “ao kande itte choudai” (Drop a blue tab and come from it outdoors, please) contains multiple plays on words. The kanji as written for 青噛んで ao kande means “bite the blue” (which can refer to taking a blue drug tab), however it sounds like 青姦で aokan de which means “having outdoor sex”. The kanji she chose for “熟って itte [iku]” means “ripen/be ready”, but usually the phrase イって頂戴 itte choudai would be interpreted as “come [orgasm] for me, please”.


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