[ringo] 歌舞伎町の女王 Kabuki-cho no Joou   Leave a comment

歌舞伎町の女王 Kabuki-cho no Joou / The Queen of Kabuki-cho


  1. 歌舞伎町の女王 Kabuki-cho no Joou
  2. アンコンディショナル・ラブ Unconditional Love
  3. 実録-新宿にて-丸ノ内サディスティック~歌舞伎町の女王 Jitsuroku -Shinjuku nite- Marunouchi Sadistic~Kabuki-cho no Joou

Info: One of the releases that cemented Ringo’s genre of music as “Shinjuku-kei” (a genre containing only her), in contrast to the pretty Shibuya-kei genre of the 1990s. The album cover was shot in Shinjuku’s Golden-gai, and the A-side’s music video was shot at Houmyouji Temple in the Toshima ward of Tokyo.


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