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グレープフルーツ Grapefruit


  1. Feel Myself
  2. I and I
  3. グレープフルーツ Grapefruit
  4. 右ほっぺのニキビ Migi Hoppe no Nikibi / Pimple On My Right Cheek
  5. ポケットを空にして Pocket o Kara ni Shite / Emptying Our Pockets
  6. オレンジ色とゆびきり Orange-iro to Yubikiri / The Color Orange and the Pinky Promise
  7. 青い瞳 Aoi Hitomi (Remix) / Blue Eyes
  8. 約束はいらない Yakusoku wa Iranai / I Don’t Need a Promise
  9. My Best Friend
  10. 風が吹く日 Kaze ga Fuku Hi (Ma-aya Version) / The Day A Wind Blows
  11. そのままでいいんだ Sono Mama de Ii n da / You’re Fine As You Are

On the inside cover of the album is written the following: Dream is sweet,
But, the real is sour & bitter.
Our life is very like grapefruit.
Don’t you think so?

Links to translated interviews and/or articles related to this album collected here.


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